Templates and forms

The Research Hub includes a range of templates and forms to help foster our collaboration with the tertiary sector, private industry and other government agencies. These templates and forms can be downloaded and sent to the Research Hub: research@transport.nsw.gov.au.

Response to problem statement

Please use this template to register your initial interest in one of the Problem Statements listed on our Research Hub.

Grant proposal form

Throughout the year, the Research Hub receives a large number of requests for TfNSW partnerships across a broad range of grant proposals and applications. These proposals typically require monetary or in-kind contributions from TfNSW. In order for TfNSW to evaluate the requirements and benefits of these partnerships, please complete the Grant Proposal Form with details of your proposed grant application.

Release forms

The Release Form for Students is completed by tertiary students who agree to have their research and/or photo featured on the Research Hub.