Marine pilot health assessments

Marine pilots who work in NSW ports must pass the required health assessments.

Marine pilots who work in NSW ports must pass the following health assessments:

  • Initial licensing/pre-employment health assessments
  • Periodic health assessments
  • Triggered health assessments

To prepare for a health assessment, a marine pilot should:

1. read the NSW Marine Pilotage Code, which sets out the health requirements

2. download and print the 3 forms used by the Port Authority of NSW, which provides pilotage services at NSW ports

3. book an assessment with an authorised health professional.

1. NSW Marine Pilotage Code

The code was developed with input from Harbour Masters, and marine pilot representatives from the pilotage ports of NSW, and the Australian Maritime Officers Union. The code is in two volumes:

Marine Pilotage Code Volume One (PDF, 678.48 KB): contains general information and the requirements for qualification, initial training and ongoing training of marine pilots, exempt masters and holders of certificates of local knowledge.

Marine Pilotage Code Volume Two (PDF, 393.8 KB): addresses the health requirements for marine pilots and includes the Standard for Health Assessment of Marine Pilots (NSW).

Please refer to the key reference documents below for the Marine Pilotage Code Volume Two: 

2. Forms

The following forms are primarily for the use of Port Authority of NSW (PANSW). The Standard requires PANSW to provide these forms to the Authorised Health Professionals:

Blue Form – Request and Report (PDF, 151.84 KB)

Pink Form – Pilot Notification and Health Questionnaire (PDF, 408.9 KB)

Green Form – Record for Health Professional (PDF, 265.2 KB).

3. Contact an authorised health professional

Refer to this list of authorised health professionals (PDF, 139.52 KB) who can conduct health assessments of marine pilots to the standard prescribed by Transport for NSW to book an appointment.


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