TOC Waivers

No.DetailsSupersedesStart dateExpiry dateOperator
203-1110Testing of MTPV2 with trial TCLC signal testing system (PDF, 176.82 KB)203-106614/01/202214/07/2022Sydney Trains
203-1118Operation of QUBE steel train (MW2 and MW7) (PDF, 179.63 KB)204-53416/02/202230/06/2022QUBE Logistics Rail
203-1119Train length exceeding 1500 m on the North (PDF, 174.48 KB)204-49217/02/202217/08/2022Specialised Container Transport (SCT)
203-1122Operation of 3801 Steam Locomotive (PDF, 600.83 KB)203-102028/03/202228/09/2022Transport Heritage NSW
203-1130Operation of freight and locomotives on the Airport, ESR, North Shore, Flying Junction, City Circle Lines (PDF, 267.95 KB)203-10791/04/202230/09/2022Sydney Trains, Various Operators
203-1131Operation of DC6029 Steam Locomotive (PDF, 565.61 KB)203-91301/04/202230/09/2022Transport Heritage NSW
203-1132Updated operating conditions of RL Locomotives (PDF, 234.74 KB)203-112908/04/202208/10/2022Southern Shorthaul Railroad
203-1133Trial of AC / DC locomotive mixing - AC6 (C44ACi) / VL (PDF, 159.08 KB)204-50505/04/202205/10/2022Southern Shorthaul Railroad, Sydney Rail Services
203-1136Operation of REIW wagons (PDF, 158.08 KB)none05/05/202204/11/2022Pacific National
203-1139Trial locomotive mixing - AC6 (C44ACi) / EL (PDF, 154.66 KB)204-3899/05/202209/11/2022Sydney Rail Services
203-1140Transfer of NIF cars between Port Kembla and NIF Maintenance Centres (PDF, 194.42 KB)203-110419/05/202218/11/2022NSW TrainLink
203-1143Updates to Western coal train loads and running times (PDF, 312.7 KB)204-495 25/05/202225/11/2022Sydney Trains Rail Operations Centre
203-1144Restricted operation of Rhomberg M865 Tamper (PDF, 144.92 KB)203-109524/05/202224/11/2022Rhomberg Rail Australia
203-1146Operation of SGMY wagons (PDF, 182.95 KB)203-114527/05/202225/11/2022QUBE Logistics 
203-1150Restricted testing of ATP on EMU sets (PDF, 159.54 KB)204-53127/06/202223/12/2022Sydney Trains, NSW TrainLink
203-1151Mixing C/G/BRM with CEY locomotives (PDF, 141.35 KB)204-52014/06/202214/12/2022Centennial Coal (Southern Shorthaul Railroad)
203-1152Restricted operation of 5020 class locomotives (PDF, 213.45 KB)none18/07/202218/01/2023Aurizon 
203-1154Trial locomotive mixing - AC6 (C44ACi), EL, and GL / VL / CM locomotives (PDF, 139.85 KB)none24/06/202223/12/2022Sydney Rail Services
203-1156Updates to train numbering for NSW TrainLink trains in the TOC manual (PDF, 276.12 KB)none07/07/202209/01/2023Sydney Trains, NSW TrainLink
203-1161Operation of X class locomotive (PDF, 155.99 KB)none5/07/202205/01/20233801 Limited
203-1162Work Train Operations on the East Hills Line (PDF, 173.2 KB)none15/07/202225/07/2023Sydney Trains
203-1163Tare condition movement and ride testing of QQYY container wagons  (PDF, 216.16 KB)204-543 5/07/202205/01/2023Aurizon 
203-1165Operation of Aurizon’s WDP Coal Train (to NCIG) (PDF, 180 KB)204-5228/07/202208/01/2023Aurizon 
203-1167Operation of 3526 and 3642 Steam Locomotive (PDF, 560.52 KB)203-114115/07/202213/01/2023Sydney Rail Management Centre, Transport Heritage NSW
203-1168Update to TS TOC 3 Track Diagrams (PDF, 8.21 MB)none13/07/202213/01/2023Sydney Trains, Various Operators
203-1170Testing of MTPV between Blacktown and St Marys (PDF, 188.97 KB)none15/07/202205/09/2022Sydney Rail Management Centre, Various Operators
203-1171Updated conditions of 5020/5000 class locomotives (PDF, 189.16 KB)none18/07/202218/01/2023Aurizon 
203-1172Restricted Operation of PB Class Locomotive (PDF, 173.6 KB)204-54101/08/202231/10/2022Sydney Rail Operations Centre, Watco
203-1173Operation of SKBY SKLY SKPY wagons (PDF, 143.31 KB)203-115529/07/202228/10/2022Sydney Rail Management Centre, QUBE Logistics
203-1174Temporary restricted operation of LAN NAM heritage carriages (PDF, 176.33 KB)203-111720/08/202220/11/2022NSWGR Holdings P/L
203-1176Restricted operation of trains up to 1280m train length on the Illawarra (PDF, 182.54 KB)203-11664/08/20223/02/2023Pacific National
203-1177Restricted movement and testing of NIF cars across the Network (PDF, 239.64 KB)203-11158/08/20228/02/2023NSW TrainLink, Sydney Trains
204-538Changes to network operation control boundary at CRN West boundary (PDF, 2.42 MB)none07/03/202207/09/2022Sydney Rail Operations Centre