TOC Waivers

No.DetailsSupersedesStart dateExpiry dateOperator
203-1242Restricted Operation of PB Class Locomotive (PDF, 222.16 KB)203-117213/01/202313/07/2023Watco
203-1248Operation of Aurizon’s WDP Coal Train (to NCIG) (PDF, 190.72 KB)203-124424/01/202324/07/2023Aurizon
203-1251Restricted transfer and operation of AGUY Wagons (PDF, 225.39 KB)203-124302/02/202302/08/2023Aurizon
203-1256Operation of ACB and ACD Locomotives (PDF, 200.28 KB)203-117814/02/202314/08/2023Aurizon
203-1258Operation of Train Length Exceeding 1500m on the Main North (PDF, 195.4 KB)203-118021/02/202321/08/2023SCT
203-1259Restricted transfer of unlisted heritage carriages (PDF, 166.08 KB)none02/04/202302/10/2023Transport Heritage NSW
203-1260Operation of NAM / LAN carriages (PDF, 137.78 KB)none02/03/202301/09/2023NSWGR Holding P/L
203-1262Updated operating conditions of passenger trains and track corridor width (PDF, 1.01 MB)203-118610/03/202308/09/2023Sydney Rail Management Centre, Various Operators
203-1267Operation of 631/731 diesel rail car (PDF, 233.49 KB)none29/03/202329/09/2023Lachlan Valley Railway
203-1268Changes to network operation control boundary at CRN West boundary (PDF, 4.41 MB)203-119529/03/202329/09/2023Sydney Rail Operations Centre
203-1269Updated Operating Conditions of QL Class Locomotive (PDF, 227.58 KB)203-118530/03/202329/09/2023QUBE
203-1273Trailing tonnage increase trial on the Unanderra to Moss Vale line (UP) (PDF, 168.67 KB)203-119307/04/202306/10/2023Pacific National
203-1277Operation of DC6029 Steam Locomotive (PDF, 406.47 KB)203-119720/04/202320/10/2023Sydney Rail Management Centre, Transport Heritage NSW
203-1279Updated operating conditions of RHKY wagons (PDF, 149.06 KB)none26/04/202326/10/2023Pacific National
203-1280Restricted Transfer and Testing of BGUY Wagons (PDF, 153.01 KB)203-121226/04/202326/10/2023Southern Shorthaul Railroad
203-1282Transfer of NIF cars from Port Kembla / Inner Harbour / Woodville Junction to NIF Maintenance Centres Only (PDF, 170.22 KB)203-126528/04/202327/10/2023NSW TrainLink
203-1283Update to requirements for assessment of operating conditions for the Illawarra (PDF, 214.02 KB)none28/04/202327/10/2023Sydney Rail Management Centre, Various Operators
203-1286Operation of QUBE steel trains (PDF, 187.17 KB)203-124612/05/202310/11/2023QUBE Logistics Rail
203-1287Trial of 6200t FIE/FRAY Train on the Main West (PDF, 167.51 KB)203-119208/05/202308/11/2023Fletcher International Exports Pty Ltd, Southern Shorthaul Railroad
203-1289Restricted operation of trains up to 1280m train length on the Illawarra (PDF, 136.34 KB)203-121608/05/202308/11/2023Pacific National
203-1292Update to DMU Block Working Requirements (PDF, 732.19 KB)none16/05/202316/11/2023Sydney Rail Management Centre, Various Operators
203-1294Operation of SGMY wagons (PDF, 172.37 KB)203-121425/05/202324/11/2023QUBE Logistics
203-1295Update to Train Numbering (PDF, 239.96 KB)none26/05/202324/11/2023Sydney Trains
203-1297Restricted operation and testing of CSR Gen 2 Locomotives (PDF, 270.76 KB)203-129101/06/202301/12/2023Specialised Container Transport (SCT)
203-1298Restricted testing of ETCS on Mechanised Track Patrol Vehicle 2 (MTPV2) (PDF, 151.52 KB)none9/06/202311/12/2023Sydney Trains
203-1301Dynamic testing of Mariyung (D set) crew doors (PDF, 140.39 KB)203-129608/06/202308/12/2023NSW Trainlink
203-1303Update to Bearing and Brake Temperature (BBT) system response to wayside alarms (PDF, 278.12 KB)none05/07/202305/01/2024Sydney Rail Operations Centre
203-1304Restricted testing of ATP on EMU sets (PDF, 226.28 KB)203-124015/06/202315/12/2023Sydney Trains, NSW TrainLink
203-1305Restricted testing of ETCS Level 1 and ETCS Level 2 on Tangara cars (T sets) (PDF, 242.89 KB)203-123615/06/202315/12/2023Sydney Trains
203-1306Update to Train Numbering – North Coal (PDF, 198.25 KB)203-120604/07/202304/01/2024Sydney Trains Rail Operations Centre
203-1307Operation of freight and locomotives on the Airport, ESR, North Shore, Flying Junction, City Circle Lines (PDF, 312.01 KB)203-127119/06/202319/12/2023Sydney Trains, Various Operators
203-1312Updated operating condition for NGGF, NGKF, NGPF (PDF, 168.75 KB)none12/07/202312/01/2024Sydney Rail Management Centre, Pacific National
203-1317Trial locomotive mixing - AC6 (C44ACi) and GL / VL locomotives (PDF, 189.34 KB)203-130212/07/202312/01/2023Sydney Rail Operations Centre, Sydney Rail Services
203-1319Restricted movement and testing of NIF cars across the Network (PDF, 303.39 KB)203-125317/07/202317/01/2024NSW TrainLink, Sydney Trains
203-1320Operation of NAM 2367 carriage (PDF, 582.24 KB)none28/07/202328/01/2024NSWGR Holding P/L
203-1321Operation of 3526 and 3642 Steam Locomotive (PDF, 1.05 MB)203-130031/07/202331/01/2024Transport Heritage NSW
203-1323Restricted transfer of QQYY wagons (PDF, 572.85 KB)203-116308/08/202309/10/2023Aurizon
203-1325Trial locomotive mixing - AC6 (C44ACi) and VL / GL locomotives (PDF, 577.71 KB)203-126109/08/202309/02/2024Sydney Rail Operations Centre, Sydney Rail Services
203-1326Operation of XPT XAMB car (PDF, 574.52 KB)203-130909/08/202309/02/2024Sydney Trains
203-1327Updated operation of QHAH QHBH Wagons (PDF, 225.83 KB)none14/08/202314/02/2024Aurizon
203-1328Updated trial operation of Aurizon’s WDP Coal Trains (PDF, 239.18 KB)203-131114/08/202314/02/2024Aurizon
203-1329Restricted operation of 5020 class locomotives (PDF, 287.68 KB)203-131518/08/202316/02/2024Aurizon
203-1331AC Locomotive Dynamic Brake Trial (PDF, 269.44 KB)203-133023/08/202323/02/2024Sydney Trains Rail Operations Centre,  Various Operators
203-1332Temporary operation of HPC 402 Rail Motor with GPR test equipment (PDF, 234.59 KB)203-132418/09/202324/11/2023Sydney Trains, The Rail Motor Society
203-1333Work Train Operations on the East Hills Line (PDF, 195.27 KB)203-116215/09/202326/09/2023Sydney Trains
203-1334Restricted transfer and testing of SQTY wagons (PDF, 288.46 KB)203-131313/09/202313/03/2024


203-1335Restricted operation of QQYY wagons (PDF, 206.45 KB)none15/09/202331/12/2023Aurizon
203-1336Operation of 3801 Steam Locomotive (PDF, 733.93 KB)203-127219/09/202319/03/2024Transport Heritage NSW