Become an AEO

The authorisation assessment is conducted by examining evidence against the AEO requirements and industry best practice as applicable to the proposed scope of authorisation for a defined scope of works.

The authorisation program is based on the TfNSW priority needs.

Authorisation is a four stage process:

Initial engagement

The Asset Standards Authority (ASA) Authorisation and Audit team and the organisation establish the direct contact between their assigned representatives to discuss the business need and to clarify the assessment process and protocol details.

Qualification for assessment

The organisation undertakes scoping and self-assessment as guided by the ASA. The ASA validates the content of self-assessment package. The applicant organisation is listed on the TfNSW website as Qualified for Assessment and can participate in TfNSW tenders where AEO status is required.


The applicant undertakes the authorisation assessment confirming that the prospective AEO is able to manage the risk associated with their defined scope of engineering services impacting the TfNSW assets.


Once an organisation is initially authorised it is placed under surveillance. This includes validation of the deployed evidence of the organisational systems and processes for the approved scope of authorisation, monitoring of the AEO performance and action management.


Refer to the published AEO Authorisation Framework and governance documentation that are available on the ASA standards page or contact the ASA for more details. The core published AEO framework documents are:

T MU MD 00009 ST AEO Authorisation Requirements
T MU MD 00009 SP AEO Authorisation Model

Organisations qualified for assessment

Find out which engineering organisations are qualified (i.e. ready to proceed) for an assessment by clicking on the Organisations qualified for assessment link.

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