TOC Waivers

No.DetailsSupersedesStart dateExpiry dateOperator
201-051Movement of Sydney Growth Trains (SGT) B Set cars between Woodville Junction and Sulphide Junction (PDF, 190.29 KB)201-05007/03/201807/09/2018Downer
203-649Operation of PHTH wagons and 5000 t coal train trial (PDF, 400.68 KB)204-20528/03/201828/09/2018Centennial Coal (SSR)
203-655Operation of CEY Locomotives at 139t (PDF, 212.34 KB)none12/04/201812/10/2018Centennial Coal (Southern Shorthaul Railroad)
203-659Operation of UGL Isuzu road/rail vehicle (PDF, 207.08 KB)none23/04/201823/10/2018United Group Limited
203-663Restricted operation of PB Class locomotives (PDF, 201.86 KB)203-60015/05/201815/10/2018Pacific National
203-664Operation of NR / TT / TT100 / RHKY Trains with ECP and WDP (PDF, 236.38 KB)203-60117/05/201816/11/2018Pacific National
203-672Update in conditions for operation of self-propelled diesel trains (Xplorer/Endeavour) – West and North Divisions (PDF, 178.26 KB)none22/05/201822/11/2018Sydney Trains (NSW Trainlink)
203-673Operation of passenger set F1 (PDF, 195.18 KB)203-60804/06/201804/12/2018Sydney Trains
203-674Locomotive hauling of Waratah A sets (PDF, 200.99 KB)203-60525/05/201823/11/2018Sydney Trains
203-678Movement of 3 car EMU units from Acacia Ridge to Perth via the TfNSW heavy rail metropolitan network (PDF, 203.9 KB)203-61808/06/201807/12/2018Pacific National
203-681Operation of Steam Locomotive 3642 and 3526 (PDF, 444.45 KB)203-63908/06/201807/12/2018Transport Heritage NSW
203-682Restricted Operation of Steam Locomotive DC6029 (PDF, 474.89 KB)203-68008/06/201807/12/2018DC6029 Unit Trust (Transport Heritage NSW)
203-686Updated operating conditions of Sydney Trains road/rail vehicles (PDF, 191.43 KB)none14/06/201814/12/2018Sydney Trains
203-691Operation of Sydney Trains road/rail Trackmobile Viking shunter (PDF, 184.31 KB)none29/06/201828/12/2018Sydney Trains
203-692Operation of QHCH Wagons (PDF, 199.23 KB)none25/06/201825/12/2018Aurizon
203-694Operation of Sydney Trains XPT bogie transfer trolley (PDF, 176.55 KB)none29/06/201828/12/2018Sydney Trains
203-695Updated conditions for Case 660 Shunter (PDF, 200.3 KB)none03/07/201803/01/2019Sydney Trains
203-703Operation of freight and locomotives on the Airport, ESR, North Shore, Flying Junction, City Circle Lines (PDF, 239.86 KB)203-69625/07/201825/01/2019Sydney Trains (Various Operators)
203-704Operation  of Hino Centrogen Pty Ltd  Road/rail vehicle (PDF, 180.91 KB)none27/07/201825/01/2019Centrogen Pty Ltd
203-705Operation of CSR class locomotives (PDF, 192.4 KB)203-63030/07/201830/01/2019Specialised Container Transport (SCT) Logistics
203-706Trial of Pacific National steel train (MW2) (PDF, 194.74 KB)203-69910/08/201808/02/2019Pacific National
203-707Operation of RKGY Wagons (PDF, 185.37 KB)none03/08/201801/02/2019Pacific National
203-708Change of ownership of BAM 1748 (PDF, 181.65 KB)none03/08/201801/02/2019Geelong Road Bus Service Pty Ltd
203-709Change of ownership of 44208 and 44209 (PDF, 182.45 KB)none30/07/201830/01/2019Manildra Flour
203-710One off movement of MH 2701 (PDF, 186.86 KB)none08/08/201807/09/2018Lachlan Valley Railway
203-712Updated areas controlled by Train Control Boards (PDF, 826.56 KB)none12/08/201812/02/2019Sydney Trains
203-714Operation and Testing of Mechanised Track Patrol Vehicle MTPV2 with configuration changes (scrubber blocks removed) (PDF, 183.91 KB)203-71317/08/201815/02/2019Sydney Trains
203-715Operation of Kennards Hire Track Jack Trolley (PDF, 189.27 KB)205-25416/08/201815/02/2019Kennards Hire
203-718Operation of AHAH Wagons (PDF, 198.85 KB)none22/08/201822/02/2019Genesee Wyoming Australia
203-719Locomotive hauling of Millennium (M) Sets (PDF, 186.73 KB)none27/08/201827/02/2019Sydney Trains
203-721Movement and testing of Speno Ultrasonic track vehicle (PDF, 189.67 KB)203-66805/09/201805/03/2019Speno Rail Maintenance Australia
203-722Revenue service of Sydney Growth Trains (SGT) B Set cars (PDF, 348.18 KB)203-72004/09/201804/03/2019Downer EDI Rail / Sydney Trains
204-226Amendment to coal train sections in the Coal pages (North) in the TOC manual (PDF, 224.99 KB)none23/04/201823/10/2018Sydney Rail Management Centre
204-231Amendment to sectional running times in the Northern Division pages in the TOC manual (PDF, 337.59 KB)none08/05/201808/11/2018Sydney Rail Management Centre
204-237Additional loco class and tonnage in the Illawarra Division pages in the TOC manual (PDF, 225.23 KB)none10/07/201810/01/2019Sydney Rail Management Centre
204-238Operation of QBX class locomotives (PDF, 192.51 KB)204-21613/07/201812/01/2019QUBE Logistic Rail
204-239Restricted Movement, Testing and Reliability Growth Running of Sydney Growth Trains (SGT) B Set cars (PDF, 228.06 KB)203-68813/07/201814/12/2018Downer EDI Rail / Sydney Trains
204-240Operation of 1100 class locomotives on the TfNSW heavy rail metropolitan network (PDF, 188.29 KB)204-21818/07/201808/12/2018QUBE Logistics Rail
204-245Restricted operation of Rhomberg M865 Tamper (PDF, 174.7 KB)203-63415/08/201815/02/2019Rhomberg Rail Australia
204-247Update to sectional running times across the TfNSW metropolitan heavy rail network (PDF, 1.43 MB)none30/09/201830/03/2019Sydney Rail Management Centre
204-249Operation of 3200 t, 5000 t and 6131 t trains comprising FRAY wagons and FIE / G locomotives (PDF, 361.09 KB)none03/09/201828/02/2019

Fletcher International Exports Pty Ltd / Southern Shorthaul Railroad (SSR)

204-251Trial operation of TT class locomotives with increased trailing load operating between Woodville Junction and Eraring/ Vales Point (PDF, 216.32 KB)204-24811/09/201822/02/2019Pacific National
205-239Operation of Abergledie Contractors Permaquip Trolleys (PDF, 188.79 KB)none12/04/201812/10/2018Abergledie Contractors
205-240Operation of United Group Infrastructure Flat Top Rail Trailers (PDF, 191.59 KB)none12/04/201812/10/2018United Group Infrastructure
205-241Operation of Ben's Rail & Civil Flat Top Rail Trailer (PDF, 189.27 KB)none12/04/201812/10/2018Ben's Rail & Civil
205-242Operation of DiMattia Transport Flat Top Rail Trailer (PDF, 187.22 KB)none27/04/201827/10/2018DiMattia Transport
205-243Operation of John Holland Manitou MEWP (PDF, 205.69 KB)none24/04/201824/10/2018John Holland
205-244Operation of Earthtrack Solutions Liebherr Excavator (PDF, 201.49 KB)none02/05/201802/11/2018Earthtrack Solutions
205-245Operation of Kennards Hire support frames (PDF, 208.56 KB)none02/05/201802/11/2018Kennards Hire
205-246Operation of Tenex Rail Liebherr Excavator (PDF, 202.91 KB)none18/05/201818/11/2018Tenex Rail & Excavations
205-248Operation of Fortmoy Excavations Hitachi Excavators (PDF, 202.47 KB)none25/05/201825/11/2018Fortmoy Excavations
205-249Operation of Laing O'Rourke Hitachi Excavator (PDF, 199.37 KB)none25/05/201825/11/2018Laing O'Rourke
205-250Operation of Onrail Plant Hire Komatsu Excavator (PDF, 204.56 KB)none25/05/201825/11/2018Onrail Plant Hire
205-251Operation of MJK Earthmoving 2.7t Trailer (PDF, 202.99 KB)205-15613/06/201813/12/2018MJK Earthmoving
205-252Operation of Infraworks Isuzu Truck (PDF, 206.19 KB)none15/06/201815/12/2018Infraworks
205-253Operation of United Group Infrastructure Isuzu Truck (PDF, 187.97 KB)205-24715/06/201815/12/2018United Group Infrastructure
205-255Operation of EMS Group Toyota Landcruiser (PDF, 184.19 KB)none26/06/201826/12/2018EMS Group
205-256Operation of Tag Hire Manitou Skyrailer (PDF, 201.08 KB)none26/06/201826/12/2018Tag Hire
205-257Operation of Laing O'Rourke Excavators & Backhoe (PDF, 195.59 KB)none03/07/201803/01/2019Laing O'Rourke
205-258Operation of Broadspectrum Mitsubishi Truck (PDF, 185.96 KB)none02/07/201802/01/2019Broadspectrum
205-259Operation of O'Halloran Management Services Yanmar Excavator (PDF, 202.24 KB)none02/07/201802/01/2019O'Halloran Management Services
205-260Operation of Kennards Hire STEL Trolleys (PDF, 186.24 KB)none04/07/201804/01/2019Kennards Hire
205-261Operation of Rhomberg Rail Yanmar Excavator (PDF, 199 KB)none02/07/201802/01/2019Rhomberg Rail
205-262Operation of United Group Infrastructure Isuzu Truck (PDF, 201.16 KB) none02/07/201802/01/2019United Group Infrastructure
205-263Operation of RailCon Permaquip Trolleys (PDF, 187.57 KB)none06/07/201806/01/2019RailCon Pty Ltd
205-264Operation of Fortmoy Excavations Rail Trailer (PDF, 185.4 KB)none17/08/201817/02/2019Fortmoy Excavations
205-265Operation of Rhomberg Rail MEC Support Frames (PDF, 176.16 KB)none12/07/201812/01/2019Rhomberg Rail
205-266Operation of Laing O'Rourke Permaquip Trolley (PDF, 185.62 KB)none12/07/201812/01/2019Laing O'Rourke
205-267Operation of Ardosa Earthworks Rail Trailer (PDF, 185.03 KB)none12/07/201812/01/2019Ardosa Earthworks
205-268Operation of Earthtrack Solutions Liebherr Excavator (PDF, 199.72 KB)none17/07/201817/01/2019Earthtrack Solutions
205-269Operation of Fortmoy Excavations Hitachi Excavator (PDF, 177.28 KB)none24/07/201824/01/2019Fortmoy Excavations
205-270Operation of Lynchy Constructions Yanmar Excavator (PDF, 175.18 KB)none26/07/201826/01/2019Lynchy Constructions
205-271Operation of LRD Haulage Mack Concrete Agitator (PDF, 174.87 KB)none26/07/201826/01/2019LRD Haulage
205-272Operation of Sheridan & Sons Philmor Rail Trailer (PDF, 187.26 KB)none27/07/201827/01/2019Sheridan & Sons
205-273Operation of Anric Developments Hitachi Excavator (PDF, 184.76 KB)none27/07/201827/01/2019Anric Developments
205-274Operation of Galco Group Liebherr Excavator (PDF, 184.33 KB)none31/07/201831/01/2019Galco Group
205-275Operation of Laing O'Rourke CAT Excavator (PDF, 202.25 KB)none07/08/201807/02/2019Laing O'Rourke
205-276Operation of Anric Developments Rail Trailers (PDF, 196.58 KB)none07/08/201807/02/2019Anric Developments
205-277Operation of Linmag Australia Milling Truck (PDF, 184.97 KB)none14/08/201814/02/2019Linmag Australia
205-278Operation of NSRU Alliance Leica Trolley (PDF, 200.6 KB)none21/08/201821/02/2019NSRU Alliance
205-279Operation of SLS Transport Case Excavator (PDF, 184.09 KB)none21/08/201821/02/2019SLS Transport
205-280Operation of P & M Galea Hino Truck (PDF, 186.45 KB)none21/08/201821/02/2019P & M Galea
205-281Operation of Azbuild Yanmar Excavator (PDF, 184.38 KB)none23/08/201823/02/2019Azbuild Pty Ltd
205-282Operation of Laing O'Rourke CAT Excavator (PDF, 186.21 KB)none23/08/201823/02/2019Laing O'Rourke
205-283Operation of Sydney Trains  Permaquip Trolley (PDF, 200.53 KB)none28/08/201828/02/2019Sydney Trains - Plant
205-284Operation of Jordan Rail Hitachi Excavator (PDF, 203.96 KB)none28/08/201828/02/2019Jordan Rail
205-286Operation of Fortade Earthmoving Hitachi Excavator (PDF, 203.51 KB)none30/08/201802/03/2019Fortade Earthmoving
205-287Operation of Allambie Earthworks Hitachi Excavator (PDF, 186.65 KB)none30/08/201802/03/2019Allambie Earthworks
205-288Operation of Laing O'Rourke CAT Excavators (PDF, 187.74 KB)none30/08/201802/03/2019Laing O'Rourke
205-289Operation of DiMattia Transport Liebherr Excavator (PDF, 199.08 KB)none30/08/201802/03/2019DiMattia Transport
205-290Operation of Infraworks Isuzu Truck (PDF, 203.69 KB)none05/09/201805/03/2019Infraworks
205-291Operation of EMS Group Mitsubishi Truck (PDF, 191.95 KB)none13/09/201813/03/2019EMS Group
205-292Operation of Laing O'Rourke CAT Excavators (PDF, 204.15 KB)none25/09/201825/03/2019Laing O'Rourke