TOC Waivers

No.DetailsSupersedesStart dateExpiry dateOperator
201-055Restricted Movement of ACB Class Locomotives (PDF, 355.92 KB)none21/12/201821/05/2019Aurizon
203-714Operation and Testing of Mechanised Track Patrol Vehicle MTPV2 with configuration changes (scrubber blocks removed) (PDF, 183.91 KB)203-71317/08/201815/02/2019Sydney Trains
203-722Revenue service of Sydney Growth Trains (SGT) B Set cars (PDF, 348.18 KB)203-72004/09/201804/03/2019Downer EDI Rail / Sydney Trains
203-724Operation of AHAH Wagons (PDF, 187.08 KB)203-71810/09/201808/03/2019Genesee Wyoming Australia
203-729Restricted Operation of Steam Locomotive DC6029 (PDF, 415.1 KB)203-68224/09/201822/03/2019DC6029 Unit Trust (Transport Heritage NSW)
203-732Locomotive hauling of Millennium (M) Sets (PDF, 186.67 KB)203-71912/10/201812/04/2019Sydney Trains
203-734Restricted operation of PB Class locomotives (PDF, 178.38 KB)203-73315/10/201815/04/2019Pacific National
203-753Operation of NR / TT / TT100 / RHKY Trains with ECP and WDP (PDF, 236.44 KB)203-66414/11/201814/05/2019Pacific National
203-758Operation of passenger set F1 (PDF, 150.56 KB)203-67304/12/201804/06/2019Sydney Trains
203-761Operation of freight and locomotives on the Airport, ESR, North Shore, Flying Junction, City Circle Lines (PDF, 226.85 KB)203-74426/11/201824/05/2019Sydney Trains (Various Operators)
203-763Locomotive hauling of Waratah A sets (PDF, 171.87 KB)203-67427/11/201827/05/2019Sydney Trains
203-765Movement of 3 car EMU units from Acacia Ridge to Perth via the TfNSW heavy rail metropolitan network (PDF, 188.4 KB)203-67807/12/201807/06/2019Pacific National
203-766Movement and testing of Speno Ultrasonic track vehicle (PDF, 176.09 KB)203-74506/12/201806/06/2019Speno Rail Maintenance Australia
203-768Restricted Movement, Testing and Reliability Growth Running of Sydney Growth Trains (SGT) B Set cars (PDF, 216.83 KB)204-23911/12/201811/06/2019Downer EDI Rail / Sydney Trains
203-769Operation of Di Mattia Transport Trailer (PDF, 184.36 KB)none21/12/201821/06/2019Di Mattia Transport Pty Ltd
203-770Revenue service of Sydney Growth Trains (SGT) B Set cars (PDF, 386.26 KB)203-73112/12/201812/06/2019Downer EDI Rail / Sydney Trains
203-771Operation of Fortmoy Excavations Trailers (PDF, 184.58 KB)none17/12/201817/06/2019Fortmoy Excavations Pty Ltd
203-772Operation of Kennards Hire STEL Trolleys (PDF, 206.26 KB)none17/12/201817/06/2019Kennards Hire
203-773Operation of Kennards Hire Support Frames (PDF, 164.07 KB)none17/12/201817/06/2019Kennards Hire
203-774Operation of Select Plant Hire Tamper and Regulator (PDF, 177.31 KB)none21/12/201821/06/2019Select Plant Hire
203-775Operation of Di Mattia Transport Trailer (PDF, 184.44 KB)none21/12/201821/06/2019Di Mattia Transport
203-777Operation of Sydney Trains Quadricycle (PDF, 176 KB)none21/12/201821/06/2019Sydney Trains
203-778Updated operating conditions of QHAH/QHBH Wagons (PDF, 181.64 KB)none21/12/201821/06/2019Aurizon
203-779Operation of Corfad Civil Liebherr Excavator (PDF, 199.44 KB)none21/12/201821/06/2019Corfad Civil
203-780Operation of Jordan Rail Liebherr Excavator (PDF, 189.8 KB)none21/12/201821/06/2019Jordan Rail
203-781Operation of 1100 class locomotives on the TfNSW Metropolitan Heavy Rail Network (PDF, 185.04 KB)204-24024/12/201824/06/2019QUBE Logistics Rail
203-782Operation of Anric Development Trailers (PDF, 129.03 KB)none11/01/201911/07/2019Anric Developments
203-783Updated operating conditions of Infraworks INF-010 (PDF, 143.22 KB)none09/01/201909/07/2019Infraworks
203-784Operation of Aurecon Survey Trolley (PDF, 127.78 KB)none11/01/201911/07/2019Aurecon Group
203-785Operation of Railworks Aust Volvo Road/Rail Vehicle (PDF, 127.75 KB)none16/01/201916/07/2019Railworks Aust
203-786Operation of Hi Rail Services Hino Road/Rail Vehicle (PDF, 112.26 KB)none14/01/201912/07/2019Hi Rail Services
203-788Operation of All Rail Hire Trolley (PDF, 109.26 KB)none21/01/201919/07/2019All Rail Hire Pty Ltd
203-789Change of Ownership of Plasser Tamper (TJ061) (PDF, 104.62 KB)none24/01/201924/07/2019Martinus Rail
203-790Operation of C44aci Locomotives at 139t on Main North (Vales Point – Woodville Junction) (PDF, 397.8 KB)none29/01/201929/07/2019Various Operators
203-791Operation of Sydney Trains Trolleys (PDF, 108.86 KB)none25/01/201925/07/2019Sydney Trains
203-793Change of ownership of Ganis Civil Road Rail Vehicle (PDF, 111.9 KB)none30/01/201930/07/2019Ganis Civil Contracting
203-794Operation of Pan Civil Trolley (PDF, 108.5 KB)none01/02/201901/08/2019Pan Civil
203-795Operation of Sydney Trains Support Frame (PDF, 108.56 KB)none01/02/201901/08/2019Sydney Trains
203-796Operation of MP Rail Trolleys (PDF, 109.82 KB)none01/02/201901/08/2019MP Rail
203-797Operation of CSR locomotives (PDF, 116.41 KB)203-70501/02/201901/08/2019Specialised Container Transport
203-798Trial of Pacific National steel train (MW2) (PDF, 115.73 KB)203-72807/02/201907/08/2019Pacific National
203-799Updated operating conditions for INF-013 (PDF, 110.02 KB)none08/02/201908/08/2019Infraworks
203-800Operation of Tag Hire EWPs (PDF, 132.45 KB)none08/02/201908/08/2019Tag Hire Pty Ltd
203-801Updated operating conditions of Anric Developments Road/rail vehicles (PDF, 113.61 KB)none08/02/201908/08/2019Anric Developments
204-253Operation of PHTH wagons in wire distributed power configuration (trial) (PDF, 185.51 KB)203-64926/09/201826/03/2019Centennial Coal (SSR)
204-264Operation of QBX class locomotives (PDF, 126.42 KB)204-23807/01/201907/07/2019QUBE Logistic Rail
204-270Update to sectional running times across the TfNSW metropolitan heavy rail network (PDF, 1011.66 KB)none28/04/201928/10/2019Sydney Rail Management Centre
204-271New locomotive mixing group – 48 class and 49 class (PDF, 142.58 KB)none11/02/201911/08/2019Sydney Rail Management Centre
204-273Change of ownership of rail vehicles from ARHS to Capital Region Heritage Rail (PDF, 192.5 KB)none15/02/201915/08/2019Capital Region Heritage Rail / Australian Railway Historical Society (ACT Division)
204-277Trial operation of TT class locomotives with increased trailing load operating between Woodville Junction and Eraring/ Vales Point (PDF, 145.86 KB)204-25122/02/201922/08/2019Pacific National
204-282Operation and testing of Mechanised Track Patrol vehicle MTPV2 with configuration changes (scrubber blocks removed) (PDF, 109.35 KB)203-80606/03/201906/09/2019Sydney Trains
204-284Testing of ATP on Sydney Growth Train (Set B02) (PDF, 113.48 KB)204-28308/03/201929/03/2019Downer EDI Rail
Sydney Trains
204-285Mixing AC with DC type locomotives (PDF, 122.4 KB)204-27611/03/201911/09/2019Sydney Rail Management Centre
204-288Restricted operation of Rhomberg M865 Tamper (PDF, 115.78 KB)204-24518/03/201918/09/2019Rhomberg Rail Australia
204-289Testing of ATP on Waratah Sets (PDF, 103.61 KB)none20/03/201920/09/2019Sydney Trains
204-290Restricted testing of ATP on EMU sets (PDF, 103.55 KB)203-757 
20/03/201920/09/2019Sydney Trains
NSW Trainlink
205-264Operation of Fortmoy Excavations Rail Trailer (PDF, 185.4 KB)none17/08/201817/02/2019Fortmoy Excavations
205-286Operation of Fortade Earthmoving Hitachi Excavator (PDF, 203.51 KB)none30/08/201802/03/2019Fortade Earthmoving
205-297Operation of Sheridan & Sons Iveco Truck (PDF, 111.84 KB)none04/03/201904/09/2019Sheridan & Sons
205-298Operation of Howell Rail Liebherr excavator (PDF, 107.13 KB)none05/03/201905/09/2019Howell Rail
205-299Operation of Galco Group Liebherr excavator (PDF, 107.08 KB)none05/03/201905/09/2019Galco Group
205-300Operation of DPW Manitou MEWP (PDF, 111.55 KB)none06/03/201906/09/2019DPW Plant Hire
205-301Operation of Sheridan & Sons Manitou MEWPs (PDF, 105.33 KB)none06/03/201906/09/2019Sheridan & Sons
205-302Operation of John Holland Rail Manitou MEWPs (PDF, 112.82 KB)none06/03/201906/09/2019John Holland Rail
205-303Operation of Corfad JCB Excavator (PDF, 112.06 KB)none06/03/201906/09/2019Corfad Civil & Construction
205-304Operation of Onrail Plant Hire T3 Trailer (PDF, 110.16 KB)203-79213/03/201925/07/2019Onrail Plant Hire Pty Ltd