TOC Waivers

No.DetailsSupersedesStart dateExpiry dateOperator
201-088Once off Movement of Passenger Carriages MBE 813, XBS 2158 and FS 1651 Between Eveleigh and ARTC Boundary at Marrickville Junction (PDF, 57.72 KB)none16/12/202016/03/20213801 Limited
201-089Train length exceeding 1500 m on the North (PDF, 52.13 KB)none19/12/202018/06/2021Specialised Container Transport (SCT)
203-922Updated operating conditions for Coleman Rail Liebherr Excavator (PDF, 55.69 KB)none11/02/202011/08/2020Coleman Rail
203-956Restricted Movement and Testing of Waratah Series 2 (SGT) B Set or Waratah A Set cars on the ESR (PDF, 52.56 KB)204-36330/07/202029/01/2021Sydney Trains (Downer EDI Rail)
203-960Limited operation of freight on the Airport Line between Turrella and Wolli Creek (PDF, 53.09 KB)203-62029/07/202029/01/2021Various Operators
203-963Update to Passenger train operating conditions – Medium and Sub-Medium Rolling Stock (PDF, 500.22 KB)203-95804/09/202004/03/2021NSW Trainlink, Sydney Trains
203-972Restricted movement and testing of NIF cars across the Network (PDF, 217.78 KB)203-95918/09/202018/03/2021NSW Trainlink, Sydney Trains
203-974Movement, Testing and Reliability Growth Running of Waratah Series 2 (Sydney Growth Trains) B Set cars (PDF, 73.43 KB)203-95015/09/202015/03/2021Sydney Trains, Downer EDI Rail
203-980One off movement of unlisted heritage rolling stock (XCM311) (PDF, 123.22 KB)201-02514/10/202031/01/2021Transport Heritage NSW
203-983Transfer of under mass C set cars between Flemington Maintenance Centre and Flemington South Junction (PDF, 58.3 KB)none05/11/202005/05/2021Sydney Trains
203-990Operation of SGSF Wagons (PDF, 123.05 KB)none12/11/202012/05/2021QUBE
203-992Operation of On Rail Plant Hire Trailer (PDF, 54.29 KB)none17/11/202017/05/2021On Rail Plant Hire Pty Ltd
203-997Restricted operation/testing of modified RL 305 locomotive (PDF, 60.37 KB)203-98201/12/202001/02/2021Southern Shorthaul Railroad
203-998Restricted operation of Rhomberg M865 Tamper (PDF, 58.01 KB)203-94402/12/202002/06/2021Rhomberg Rail Australia
203-999Operation of freight and locomotives on the Airport, ESR, North Shore, Flying Junction, City Circle Lines (PDF, 158.32 KB)203-96821/12/202021/06/2021Sydney Trains (Various Operators)
203-1002Operation of O'Halloran Rail Trailer (PDF, 55.53 KB)none18/12/202018/06/2021O'Halloran Management Services Pty Ltd
203-1005Updated operating conditions of John Holland Group road/rail vehicle (PDF, 55.81 KB)none18/12/202018/06/2021John Holland Group
203-1006Operation of NDIF 4001 Robel Manipulator Wagon with Bogie Overload (PDF, 118.42 KB)203-98718/12/202029/01/2021Sydney Trains
203-1007Operation of Earthtrack Solutions trailers (PDF, 57.19 KB)none23/12/202023/06/2021Earthtrack Solutions
203-1008Updated Operating Conditions for Anric Developments Trailers (PDF, 58.14 KB)none23/12/202023/06/2021Anric Developments Pty Ltd
203-1009Operation of Galco Group Trailer (PDF, 54.25 KB)none24/12/202024/06/2021Galco Group
203-1010Transfer of NIF cars between Port Kembla and NIF Maintenance Centres (PDF, 176.18 KB)203-95324/12/202024/06/2021NSW Trainlink, Sydney Trains
204-412Operation of 6600 t coal train with banker locomotives (PDF, 126.19 KB)none26/10/202026/04/2021Centennial Coal (Southern Shorthaul Railroad)
204-419Trial of Pacific National steel train (MW2) (PDF, 61.5 KB)204-38016/09/202016/03/2021Pacific National
204-424Operation of Aurizon’s WDP Coal Train (PDF, 65.57 KB)204-42215/10/202006/02/2021Aurizon
204-427Conditions for the operation of self-propelled diesel trains (degraded mode) (PDF, 55.73 KB)204-40030/10/202030/04/2021NSW TrainLink
204-429Train length exceeding 1500 m on the North (PDF, 52.17 KB)none31/10/202016/12/2020Specialised Container Transport (SCT)
204-432Train number reallocation in the TOC manual (PDF, 150.71 KB)none28/02/202128/08/2021Aurizon, Pacific National, Southern Shorthaul Railroad, Sydney Trains
204-434Trial of AC / DC locomotive mixing AC6 (C44ACi) / CM / GL (PDF, 53.42 KB)none27/11/202027/05/2021Sydney Rail Services
204-437Trial of AC / DC locomotive mixing AC6 (GT46CACe) / RL (PDF, 52.92 KB)none02/12/202001/06/2021Southern Shorthaul Railroad
204-439AC DC locomotive mixing on the West (PDF, 56.31 KB)204-43127/11/202011/05/2021Fletchers International Exports Pty Ltd, Southern Shorthaul Railroad
204-441Mixing AC with DC type locomotives (PDF, 219.57 KB)204-39404/12/202004/06/2021Pacific National
204-442Operation of Aurizon’s WDP Coal Train to NCIG (PDF, 65.01 KB)none21/01/202121/07/2021Aurizon
204-445Trial of AC / DC locomotive mixing AC6 (C44ACi /EL) (PDF, 55.87 KB)201-08716/12/202016/03/2021Southern Shorthaul Railroad
204-446Restricted testing of ATP on EMU sets (PDF, 57.57 KB)204-41320/01/202120/07/2021Sydney Trains, NSW Trainlink