TOC Waivers

No.DetailsSupersedesStart dateExpiry dateOperator
201-074Operation of RDUF Sleeper Wagons (PDF, 52.34 KB)none27/03/202027/09/2020Pacific National
201-078Operation of CQNY 40ft Container Wagons on the TfNSW Metropolitan Heavy Rail Network (PDF, 52.87 KB)none19/06/202019/12/2020Chicago Freight Car Leasing Australia
201-079Once off Movement of Passenger Carriages MBE 813 and XBS 2158 Between Eveleigh and ARTC Boundary at Marrickville Junction (PDF, 55.51 KB)none22/07/202030/11/20203801 Limited
201-081Movement of Long Term Stored QQBY, QQGY, QQTY Wagons from Casino to Broadmeadow (PDF, 53.73 KB)none28/07/202028/08/2020Aurizon
201-082Reclassification of Illawarra Line Berry – Bomaderry from Class 2 to Class 1 Line (PDF, 1.28 MB)201-081 and
29/07/202029/01/2021Various Operators
201-083Movement of Railset No. 7 with Overloaded Wagons between Chullora and Airport Line at Wolli Creek – Central for Unloading (PDF, 53.27 KB)none03/08/202012/08/2020Sydney Trains
203-903Operation of Sydney Trains Quadricycle (PDF, 108.54 KB)203-84119/12/201919/06/2020Sydney Trains
203-909Updated operating conditions of Freight vehicles on the East Hills Line (PDF, 275.98 KB)none10/01/202010/07/2020NSW Trainlink, Sydney Trains
203-912Updated operating conditions of 32(P) and 59 Class Steam Locomotive (PDF, 319.13 KB)203-88715/01/202015/07/2020Various Operators
203-913Restricted Operation of Steam Locomotive DC6029 (PDF, 287.69 KB)203-86816/01/202016/07/2020DC6029 Unit Trust (Transport Heritage NSW)
203-914Operation of Steam Locomotives 3642 and 3526 (PDF, 285.4 KB)203-84820/01/202020/07/2020Transport Heritage NSW
203-915Operation of DPW EWP Road/rail vehicles (PDF, 110.91 KB)none17/01/202017/07/2020DPW
203-916Operation of O’Halloran EWP Road/rail vehicle (PDF, 55.33 KB)none28/01/202028/07/2020O’Halloran Management Services Pty Ltd
203-917Updated operating condition of Rhomberg M525/M521 ballast regulators (PDF, 56.46 KB)none28/01/202028/07/2020Rhomberg Rail Australia
203-918Updated operating conditions for Corfad Liebherr Excavator (PDF, 55.11 KB)none31/01/202031/07/2020Corfad Civil and Construction
203-920Restricted operation of 35 and 59 Class Steam Locomotives (PDF, 51.73 KB)none07/02/202007/08/2020Various Operators
203-921Updated operating conditions for Anric Developments Liebherr Excavator (PDF, 56.28 KB)none11/02/202011/08/2020Anric Developments Pty Ltd
203-922Updated operating conditions for Coleman Rail Liebherr Excavator (PDF, 55.69 KB)none11/02/202011/08/2020Coleman Rail
203-923Updated operating conditions for Di Mattia Transport Liebherr Excavator (PDF, 55.18 KB)none11/02/202011/08/2020Di Matti Transport Pty Ltd
203-924Updated operating conditions for Earthtrack Solutions Liebherr Excavator (PDF, 56.75 KB)none11/02/202011/08/2020Earth Track Solutions
203-925Updated operating conditions for Galco Group Liebherr Excavator (PDF, 55.87 KB)none11/02/202011/08/2020Galco Group
203-926Updated operating conditions for Howell Rail Liebherr Excavator (PDF, 55 KB)none11/02/202011/08/2020Howell Rail
203-927Updated operating conditions for Jordan Rail Liebherr Excavator (PDF, 56.05 KB)none11/02/202011/08/2020Jordan Rail
203-928Updated operating conditions for Rail Maintenance Services Liebherr Excavator (PDF, 55.25 KB)none11/02/202011/08/2020Rail Maintenance Services
203-929Updated operating conditions for Tennex Rail and Excavations Liebherr Excavator (PDF, 56.24 KB)none11/02/202011/08/2020Tennex Rail and Excavations
203-931Operation of Sydney Trains Road/rail vehicles (PDF, 170.4 KB)none20/03/202018/09/2020Sydney Trains
203-932Operation of Sydney Trains Road/rail vehicles (PDF, 170.92 KB)203-91920/03/202018/09/2020Sydney Trains
203-933Update to emergency equipment requirements for Multiple Unit trains (PDF, 122.96 KB)none02/04/202002/10/2020Sydney Trains,
NSW Trainlink
203-939Restricted testing and movement of 3801 (PDF, 345 KB)203-90811/05/202011/11/2020Transport Heritage NSW
203-942Operation of Anric Developments Track Jack (PDF, 53.48 KB)none06/05/202006/11/2020Anric Developments Pty Ltd
203-944Restricted operation of Rhomberg M865 Tamper (PDF, 57.14 KB)203-86026/05/202026/11/2020Rhomberg Rail Australia
203-945Operation of Sydney Trains Road/rail vehicles (PDF, 167.91 KB)none21/05/202020/11/2020Sydney Trains
203-948Transfer of XPT Power car without engine (PDF, 56.77 KB)203-87912/06/202011/12/2020NSW TrainLink, Sydney Trains
203-949Revenue service of Waratah Series 2 (Sydney Growth Trains) B set cars (PDF, 56.73 KB)203-77016/06/202016/12/2020Sydney Trains
203-951Restricted movement and testing of NIF cars across the Network (PDF, 211.61 KB)203-94320/06/202018/12/2020NSW Trainlink, Sydney Trains
203-953Transfer of NIF cars between Port Kembla and NIF Maintenance Centres (PDF, 175.87 KB)203-89815/07/202015/01/2021NSW Trainlink, Sydney Trains
203-956Restricted Movement and Testing of Waratah Series 2 (SGT) B Set or Waratah A Set cars on the ESR (PDF, 52.56 KB)204-36330/07/202029/01/2021Sydney Trains (Downer EDI Rail)
203-960Limited operation of freight on the Airport Line between Turrella and Wolli Creek (PDF, 53.09 KB)203-62029/07/202029/01/2021Various Operators
203-961Updated operating conditions of Anric Development Trailers (PDF, 83.45 KB)none31/07/202029/01/2021Anric Developments Pty Ltd
203-963Update to Passenger train operating conditions – Medium and Sub-Medium Rolling Stock (PDF, 500.22 KB)203-95804/09/202004/03/2021NSW Trainlink, Sydney Trains
203-965Operation of Yanmar Road/rail excavator (PDF, 54.08 KB)none17/08/202017/02/2021Pure Earthworks
203-968Operation of freight and locomotives on the Airport, ESR, North Shore, Flying Junction, City Circle Lines (PDF, 152.09 KB)203-96401/09/202001/03/2021Sydney Trains (Various Operators)
203-969Operation of PHGH and PHTH wagons (PDF, 152.23 KB)203-96706/10/202006/04/2021Centennial Coal
203-970Updated operating condition of Sheridan 8MTRAY road/rail vehicle (PDF, 54.21 KB)none07/09/202007/03/2021Sheridan and Sons Pty Ltd
203-971Testing of Speno US7 Ultrasonic Track Machine at Bomaderry (PDF, 53.07 KB)none22/09/202024/09/2020Sydney Trains, Speno Rail Maintenance Australia
203-972Restricted movement and testing of NIF cars across the Network (PDF, 217.78 KB)203-95918/09/202018/03/2021NSW Trainlink, Sydney Trains
203-973Operation of NDIF 4001 Robel Manipulator Wagon with Bogie Overload (PDF, 118.55 KB)201-08411/09/202011/11/2020Sydney Trains
203-974Movement, Testing and Reliability Growth Running of Waratah Series 2 (Sydney Growth Trains) B Set cars (PDF, 73.43 KB)203-95015/09/202015/03/2021Sydney Trains, Downer EDI Rail
203-976Updated operating conditions of QHAH wagons (PDF, 125.31 KB)none08/10/202008/04/2021Aurizon
203-977Operation of Hitachi Zaxis ZX65 Road/rail excavator (PDF, 54.22 KB)none29/09/202029/03/2021Solutions Plant Hire
203-978Operation of Sydney Trains Road/rail vehicles (PDF, 172.19 KB)none08/10/202008/04/2021Sydney Trains
203-980One off movement of unlisted heritage rolling stock (XCM311) (PDF, 123.22 KB)201-02514/10/202031/01/2021Transport Heritage NSW
204-355Clarification on Sydney Trains ballast cleaner BJ003 and BJ005 (PDF, 112.89 KB)none16/01/202016/07/2020Sydney Trains
204-358Clarification to the application of schedules in the TOC manual Division pages (PDF, 65.71 KB)none11/02/202010/08/2020Sydney Rail Operations Centre
204-364Name Change to Schedules in TOC manual Western Division Pages (PDF, 108.06 KB)204-36024/05/202024/11/2020Sydney Rail Operations Centre
204-369Operation of PHGH wagons across the network (PDF, 53.03 KB)none12/03/202012/09/2020Centennial Coal
204-371Operation of trains exceeding 900 m between Bomaderry and Dunmore (PDF, 54.98 KB)204-32303/03/202003/09/2020Pacific National
204-385Restricted Operation of PB Class Locomotive (PDF, 61.94 KB)204-32823/04/202023/10/2020Pacific National
204-386Updates to train numbering for NSW TrainLink trains in the TOC manual (PDF, 89.25 KB)204-37927/04/202006/10/2020Sydney Trains, NSW Trainlink
204-388Dynamic Testing of Tangara Technology Upgrade Phase 2 (TTU2) Set T72+T106 (PDF, 54.55 KB)204-34507/05/202007/12/2020Sydney Trains
204-389Trial of AC / DC Locomotive mixing AC6 (C44ACi) / EL (PDF, 54.97 KB)204-38315/05/202020/10/2020Sydney Rail Services, Southern Shorthaul Railroad
204-391Multiple unit working of locomotives in the TOC manual (PDF, 598.54 KB)none16/10/202016/04/2021All operators
204-394Mixing AC with DC type locomotives (PDF, 218.65 KB)204-34203/06/202003/12/2020Pacific National
204-397Operation of 120 tonne wagon trains between Newstan and Woodville Junction (PDF, 67.09 KB)204-35018/06/202018/12/2020Pacific National
204-399Operation of Swietelsky Rail Tamper and Regulator (PDF, 56.04 KB)204-36817/06/202017/12/2020Swietelsky Rail
204-400Conditions for the operation of self-propelled diesel trains (degraded mode) (PDF, 55.67 KB)204-35223/06/202023/12/2020NSW TrainLink
204-402Operation of KGBY wagons (empty) (PDF, 53.91 KB)204-34030/06/202020/12/2020Bradken (Southern Shorthaul Railroad)
204-405Operation of PHTH wagons in wire distributed power configuration (trial) (PDF, 55.13 KB)204-331 and
01/07/202020/12/2020Centennial Coal (SSR)
204-408Operation of 1100 Class Locomotive (PDF, 56.71 KB)204-40417/07/202017/01/2021QUBE Logistics Rail
204-412Operation of 6600 t coal train with banker locomotives (PDF, 126.19 KB)none26/10/202026/04/2021Centennial Coal (Southern Shorthaul Railroad)
204-413Restricted testing of ATP on EMU sets (PDF, 57.76 KB)204-35906/08/202006/02/2021Sydney Trains, NSW Trainlink
204-414Operation of AC locomotives with increased trailing load operating between Woodville Junction and Eraring/ Vales Point (PDF, 67.85 KB)201-08012/08/202011/02/2021Sydney Rail Operations Centre
204-415New train numbers for Sydney Trains and NSW TrainLink trains (PDF, 53.72 KB)none31/08/202028/02/2021Sydney Trains, NSW Trainlink
204-416Update of 1CE schedule trailing loads in the coal train working pages (PDF, 59.03 KB)none26/08/202026/02/2021Sydney Rail Operations Centre
204-418Operation of SDA1 AC locomotives (PDF, 393.12 KB)203-947 and 204-38421/10/202021/04/2021QUBE Logistics Rail, Specialised Container Transport (SCT)
204-419Trial of Pacific National steel train (MW2) (PDF, 61.5 KB)204-38016/09/202016/03/2021Pacific National
204-421New Train number series for trip trains on the Illawarra (PDF, 53.46 KB)none05/10/202029/03/2021Aurizon
204-424Operation of Aurizon’s WDP Coal Train (PDF, 65.57 KB)204-42215/10/202006/02/2021Aurizon
205-377Operation of Taylor Rail Permaquip Trolleys (PDF, 109.56 KB)none13/01/202013/07/2020Taylor Rail
205-378Operation of RMS Toyota Landcruiser (PDF, 53.95 KB)none14/01/202014/07/2020Rail Maintenance Services
205-379Operation of Dirt Monster Hitachi Excavator (PDF, 54.31 KB)none30/01/202030/07/2020Dirt Monster Pty Ltd
205-380Operation of Londonderry Auto Electrical Hydrema Dump Truck (PDF, 56.18 KB)none06/02/202006/08/2020Londonderry Auto Electrical
205-381Operation of Galco Group Liebherr Excavator (PDF, 54.39 KB)none06/02/202006/08/2020Galco Group Pty Ltd
205-382Operation of Affective Rail Volvo Excavator (PDF, 55.89 KB)203-86411/02/202011/08/2020Affective Rail
205-383Operation of Anric Developments Colmar rail loaders (PDF, 57.05 KB)none14/02/202014/08/2020Anric Developments Pty Ltd
205-384Operation of Hi Range Crane Forks Manitou Telehandler (PDF, 55.97 KB)none17/02/202017/08/2020Hi Range Crane Forks
205-385Operation of M & J Trading Isuzu Truck (PDF, 55.53 KB)none20/02/202020/08/2020M & J Trading Pty Ltd
205-386Operation of Georges Loader Hire Liebherr Excavator (PDF, 55.91 KB)none20/02/202020/08/2020Georges Loader Hire
205-387Operation of Ardosa Earthworks Rail Trailer (PDF, 54.51 KB)none21/02/202021/08/2020Ardosa Earthworks
205-388Operation of Rail Maintenance Services Liebherr Excavators (PDF, 55.95 KB)none24/02/202024/08/2020Rail Maintenance Services
205-389Operation of On Call Excavations Hitachi Excavator (PDF, 54.34 KB)none24/02/202024/08/2020On Call Excavations Pty Ltd
205-390Operation of Paliwane Hydrema Dump Trucks (PDF, 56.34 KB)none02/03/202002/09/2020Paliwane Pty Ltd
205-391Operation of Anric Developments Hitachi Excavators (PDF, 55.5 KB)none03/03/202003/09/2020Anric Developments
205-392Operation of Precise Excavations Excavator & Trailer (PDF, 58.09 KB)none31/03/202030/09/2020Precise Excavations
205-393Operation of Galco Group Liebherr Excavators (PDF, 55.94 KB)none10/03/202010/09/2020Galco Group
205-394Operation of Hand Rail Services Liebherr Excavator (PDF, 54.67 KB)none10/03/202010/09/2020Hand Rail Services
205-395Operation of TJM Earthworks Liebherr Excavator (PDF, 54.75 KB)none10/03/202010/09/2020TJM Earthworks
205-396Operation of Di Mattia Transport Hyundai Excavator (PDF, 55.91 KB)none10/03/202010/09/2020Di Mattia Transport
205-397Operation of Daracon Engineering Hitachi Excavator (PDF, 55.04 KB)none12/03/202012/09/2020Daracon Engineering Pty Ltd
205-398Operation of O’Halloran Hitachi Excavator (PDF, 55.89 KB)none12/03/202012/09/2020O’Halloran Management Services
205-399Operation of Preston Hire Monitor MEWPs (PDF, 56.35 KB)none13/03/202013/09/2020Preston Hire
205-400Operation of Onrail Plant Hire Toyota Landcruiser (PDF, 54.06 KB)none18/03/202018/09/2020Onrail Plant Hire
205-401Operation of Fortmoy Excavations Hitachi Excavator (PDF, 54.43 KB)none18/03/202018/09/2020Fortmoy Excavations
205-402Operation of DPW Plant Hire Dieci Telehandler (PDF, 56.28 KB)none20/03/202020/09/2020DPW Plant Hire
205-403Operation of Rail Maintenance Services Liebherr Excavators (PDF, 56.95 KB)none26/03/202026/09/2020Rail Maintenance Services
205-404Operation of Earthtrack Solutions Liebherr Excavator (PDF, 55.04 KB)none26/03/202026/09/2020Earthtrack Solutions
205-405Operation of Onrail Plant Hire Hydrema Dumptruck (PDF, 55.99 KB)none02/04/202002/10/2020Onrail Plant Hire
205-406Operation of Goldsprings Equipment Hire Hydrema Dumptruck (PDF, 57.15 KB)none31/03/202030/09/2020Goldsprings Equipment Hire
205-407Operation of Rail Maintenance Services Manitou MEWPs (PDF, 56.68 KB)none01/04/202001/10/2020Rail Maintenance Services
205-408Operation of Lynton Surveys Amberg Survey Trolley (PDF, 54.76 KB)none06/04/202006/10/2020Lynton Surveys
205-409Operation of Sheridan & Sons Iveco Truck (PDF, 56.42 KB)none07/04/202007/10/2020Sheridan & Sons
205-410Operation of High Range Crane Forks Manitou MEWP (PDF, 55.86 KB)none28/04/202028/10/2020Sydney Trains,
High Range Crane Forks
205-411Operation of Onrail Plant Hire Rail Trailer (PDF, 54.4 KB)none29/04/202028/10/2020Sydney Trains,
Onrail Plant Hire
205-412Operation of Preston Hire Monitor MEWPs (PDF, 56.42 KB)none29/04/202029/10/2020Sydney Trains,
Preston Hire
205-413Operation of Azbuild Yanmar Excavator (PDF, 55.82 KB)none29/04/202029/10/2020Sydney Trains,
205-414Operation of Laing O’Rourke MEC Support Frames (PDF, 55.94 KB)none30/04/202030/10/2020Sydney Trains,
Laing O’Rourke
205-415Operation of UGL Isuzu Truck (PDF, 55.81 KB)none30/04/202030/10/2020Sydney Trains, 
205-416Operation of Goldsprings Komatsu Excavator (PDF, 55.04 KB)none30/04/202030/10/2020Sydney Trains,
Goldsprings Equipment Hire
205-417Operation of Terranova Plant Hire Manitou MEWPs (PDF, 56.73 KB)none07/05/202007/11/2020Sydney Trains,
Terranova Plant Hire
205-418Operation of Manco Rail Mitsubishi MEWPs (PDF, 56.5 KB)none12/05/202012/11/2020Sydney Trains,
Manco Rail
205-419Operation of O’Halloran Road Rail Vehicles (PDF, 59.08 KB)none12/05/202012/11/2020Sydney Trains,
O’Halloran Management Services
205-420Operation of MJK Earthmoving Komatsu Excavator (PDF, 56.03 KB)none19/05/202019/11/2020Sydney Trains,
MJK Earthmoving
205-421Operation of Martinus Rail Manitou MEWP (PDF, 55.83 KB)none25/05/202025/11/2020Sydney Trains,
Martinus Rail
205-422Operation of Tag Hire Neotec Manitou MEWPs (PDF, 56.56 KB)none29/05/202029/11/2020Sydney Trains,
Tag Hire
205-423Operation of Galco Group Liebherr Excavator (PDF, 54.92 KB)none03/06/202003/12/2020Sydney Trains,
Galco Group
205-424Operation of High Range Crane Forks Manitou MEWP (PDF, 57.08 KB)none15/06/202015/12/2020Sydney Trains,
High Range Crane Forks
205-425Operation of Morgans Excavations and Rail Hitachi Excavator (PDF, 56.31 KB)none01/07/202001/01/2021Sydney Trains,
Morgans Excavations and Rail Pty Ltd
205-426Operation of Goldspring Equipment Hire Hitachi Excavator (PDF, 56.32 KB)none09/07/202009/01/2021Sydney Trains,
Goldspring Equipment Hire
205-427Operation of Georges Loader Hire Mecalec Excavator (PDF, 56.12 KB)none15/07/202015/01/2021Sydney Trains,
Georges Loader Hire
205-428Operation of Azbuild Kobelco Excavator (PDF, 55.79 KB)none07/08/202007/02/2021Sydney Trains,
205-429Operation of Onrail Plant Hire Yanmar Excavator (PDF, 56.02 KB)none16/07/202016/01/2021Sydney Trains,
Onrail Plant Hire
205-430Operation of MJK Earthmoving Rail Trailer (PDF, 54.95 KB)none27/07/202027/01/2021Sydney Trains,
MJK Earthmoving
205-431Operation of Corefad Civil & Construction MEC Support Frames (PDF, 56.19 KB)none28/07/202028/01/2021Sydney Trains,
Corefad Civil and Construction
205-432Operation of Coleman Rail MEC Support Frame (PDF, 55.27 KB)none28/07/202028/01/2021Sydney Trains,
Coleman Rail
205-433Operation of Abergeldie Contractors MEC Support Frame (PDF, 56.37 KB)none18/08/202018/02/2021Sydney Trains,
Abergeldie Contractors
205-434Operation of Tenex Rail & Excavations Hydrema Dump Truck (PDF, 56.2 KB)none04/08/202004/02/2021Sydney Trains,
Tenex Rail & Excavations
205-435Operation of Solution Plant Hire Hitachi Excavator (PDF, 56.86 KB)none05/08/202005/02/2021Sydney Trains,
Solution Plant Hire
205-436Operation of Tag Hire Isuzu Truck (PDF, 57.1 KB)none10/08/202010/02/2021Sydney Trains,
Tag Hire
205-438Operation of Complete Asset Management Permaquip Trolleys (PDF, 58.81 KB)none21/08/202021/02/2021Sydney Trains,
Complete Asset Management