Cities Revitalisation and Place

Public spaces are the foundation for public life and the heart of great places. They are where people can stay, connect, play and participate. The Covid-19 pandemic demonstrated the importance of public space in connecting with others, Country and the stories of our local spaces, as well as supporting our health and wellbeing. These public spaces, as small as our laneways, or as large as our green open spaces and libraries, can transform into places with meaning for our community. 

Creating places where people feel welcomed, connected and love to be means addressing wellbeing, walkability, amenity and activation in our streets and civic places. The NSW Government is putting a focus on ensuring everyone has access to walkable, attractive, and vibrant public spaces through collaboration with local councils, supporting pilot and demonstration projects, and developing tools and guides to build capacity across government and industry. 

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The Festival of Place

A rolling program of grants, partnerships and creative placemaking projects that celebrate great public spaces across NSW.

Great Public Spaces Toolkit

A collection of Guides, Tools, Case Studies and Research for local government, government agencies, industry and the community to support improved and activated public spaces.

NSW Public Spaces Charter

The Charter identifies 10 evidence-based principles to support the planning, design, management and activation of quality public spaces in NSW.

Great Public Spaces: Where we're investing in your community

Explore the map to discover places to love and where NSW Government is investing through council grants to create great public spaces.

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