Principle 8: Safe and secure

Everyone feels safe to access and use public space at all times of the day.

People want to feel safe, and they’ll feel more comfortable when there’s a greater mix of people around – including children. Public space should offer a mix of uses at all times of the day and be well lit at night, especially along paths.

Crime-prevention design will make places and spaces feel safer, so long as this is done in a way that doesn’t strip public space of its distinctiveness or the elements people want to enjoy. All people should be able to continue to enjoy the public space, regardless of who they are.

Work with the local community to understand any risks or safety concerns, including women and other groups of people who are more likely to not feel safe in public space. Feeling culturally, physically and spiritually safe in public spaces is especially important for Aboriginal peoples.

This is an edited version of the charter. For the full text, please download: NSW Public Spaces Charter (PDF, 3.34 MB).