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SmartNSW Case Study Library: now available

Across NSW, technology and data solutions are helping make our cities and towns more liveable and resilient. Now you can browse an online resource that showcases projects and pilots using technology and data solutions to improve living in NSW.

Access the resource now to find inspiration, resources, and further information to help you with your smart projects. 

Explore the Case Study Library

What does a smart state look like?

This series of SmartNSW videos explores what a smart state looks like for communities, businesses and individuals.

Find out more about SmartNSW projects, programs and tools.


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How smart places work

Learn all about how smart places work.

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SmartNSW Roadmap 2022-2027

We are mapping a forward work plan for SmartNSW. Check it out today.

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SmartNSW in action

Learn about the projects, initiatives, and programs underway in NSW.

Building capability, events and learning

We need to build capabilities for everyone to participate in SmartNSW.

Smart Places Playbook

SmartNSW guides and tools

As part of our commitment to supporting capability and delivery of smart places across NSW, we’re delivering a suite of technical guidance documents and guides.

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Smart Places Customer Charter

The NSW Government is committed to working with communities to deliver technology solutions.

Engaging with our stakeholders

Find out about our SmartNSW Advisory Council, SmartNSW Knowledge Network and Smart and Local Feedback Forum.

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The State of SmartNSW - insights report

Find out about smart places in NSW, by reading the State of Smart – insights report.

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