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What makes smart places smart?

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What are Smart Places?

In NSW, we create great places and deliver outcomes for people using technology and data.

This can be using technology and data to meet the needs of people in a street or neighbourhood, a local government area, or a region in either the city or country.


All Smart Places:

  1. Embed sensors and communications technology in infrastructure and the natural environment
  2. Use the sensors and technology solutions to capture, safely store and share government data
  3. Communicate information and insights using the data to drive decisions.

We use the term ‘Smart Place’ instead of smart city, to recognise this place-based approach to smart planning.

Benefits of smart places

Smart Places will be a place where technology and data:

  • Deliver people new skills, job opportunities and economic development
  • Make our cities and streets safer and improve people's sense of security
  • Improve environmental quality, sustainability and resilience to climate change
  • Boost equity, accessibility and inclusion for all people
  • Improve people's health and wellbeing
  • Provide opportunities to collaborate and connect.

What are we doing to create smart places

In 2020, NSW became the first and still only State Government to deliver a Smart Places Strategy and action plan. We delivered this action plan between 2020 and 2022.


  • Make sure the right legislation, regulation, policies and frameworks are in place to support the consistent creation of Smart Places.
  • Provide access to open data, in real time
  • Protect data we gather and share through Smart Places
  • Support innovation and start-ups by engaging and partnering with industry in new ways
  • Invest in Smart Places to build our capability and evidence base for future investment.

Smart Places Strategy (2020)

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SmartNSW Roadmap 2022-2027

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