Net zero at home

Every household can make changes to reduce carbon emissions, whether you are in a house, townhouse or unit.

Households can do things like choose locally grown produce where available to limit transport emissions from your weekly shop; use a Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS) Scorecard assessment to identify strategies to improve your home's energy efficiency; or reduce, reuse, recycle, and repurpose as much of your household waste as possible. Every little bit counts!

To learn how, explore the graphic and check list below.

Net Zero at home - steps you can take

  1. Solar panels, renewable energy and solar hot water system
  2. Light roof colour to reduce absorbed heat in summer
  3. Door and window seals, double glazing and window coverings to keep the house cool in summer and warm in winter without air conditioning and heating
  4. House uses passive design; orientation and layout maximises access to natural light, ventilation and airflow, and heat from the sun
  5. Organic waste recycling, compost bins, worm farms and vegetable patches reducing landfill and carbon miles for food and waste
  6. Recycling bun; bin sensors to alert when incorrect sorting has happened and weight total recycling output
  7. Electric vehicles, e-bikes and e-scooters
  8. Home battery, electric vehicle and vehicle to everything (V2X) power
  9. Smart water and energy meters, providing live information on resource use
  10. Smart sensors to monitor building conditions and operate lights and blinds automatically
  11. House is built using eco-friendly, non-toxic and renewable materials to produce a well-insulated home
  12. LED lights, energy efficient and electric (rather than gas) appliances
  13. Onsite greywater recycling, water tanks and water efficient appliances and fittings

Net zero in your neighbourhood

Community members, community organisations, businesses and local councils can work together to take action to reduce emissions as a neighbourhood.

Net zero in your suburb or city

By joining forces, everyone governing, running a business, living, working and visiting a city or centre can play a role in achieving net zero at a precinct scale.