Smart Places Customer Charter

To harness the potential of new technologies to meet the needs of citizens, smart places should be built for people and designed with people.

The Smart Places Customer Charter captures customer expectations of smart places in six principles which have been shaped by direct community input.

Sign up to the Smart Places Customer Charter

If your organisation is involved in designing, creating or managing public spaces and infrastructure and harnessing smart solutions you can sign up to the Charter. By doing this, you are demonstrating your commitment to putting people, country, sustainability and resilience at the centre.

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The Charter’s six principles give customers a voice and provide for the protection of data, transparency, accessibility and equity in smart places. The core values of connection to Country, sustainability and resilience, and benefits for people are embedded throughout the principles.

By signing up to the Charter, you will be committing to applying the Charter principles.

The Smart Places Charter delivers Action 2 of the Smart Places Strategy.

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Creating the Charter

The NSW Government is committed to making sure data safeguards are in place at all times.

Core values of Smart Places

Smart places have a connection to Country; make communities more sustainable and resilient; and benefit people.

Applying the Charter principles

Learn more about each of the principles and how you can apply them in your organisation.