Core values of Smart Places

The six principles in the Smart Places Customer Charter support core values that drive the development of smart places – that all smart places have a connection to Country; that smart places make communities more sustainable and resilient; and that smart places produce outcomes and benefits for people.

Connection to Country

Following the principles in this charter will help to see Country considered at all stages of creating smart places. Respect for First Nations people’s rights, obligations and roles as Traditional Custodians of the land, sea and waterways will be prioritised in a way that contributes to economic independence and self-determination for First Nations peoples.

Sustainability and resilience

Smart places are designed to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs (sustainable) and can adapt in a complex and changing environment (resilient). Given the fast-paced nature of technological change and innovation, as well as the changing climate and growing population, resilience and sustainability considerations are a core component of the six principles.

Benefits for people

By responding to the needs of the people that live work and visit a place, including their diversity, equity and inclusion needs, smart places will be able to harness and embrace innovation and opportunity.

The Smart Places Strategy identifies six outcomes that smart places can achieve.


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