Smart Places Playbook

The Smart Places Playbook takes a "place-based" and people-first approach to smart cities and connected infrastructure.


It will help you to harness the power of data and smart technologies to deliver more resilient places, that respond to the needs of the community. Places where people are safe, happy and well, communities are connected, and job opportunities are aplenty.

The playbook is not intended to be an explicit how-to manual.

Instead, it outlines a process that you can follow to identify and deploy smart solutions to help achieve the ambitions of a place and its people. It also provides links to relevant case studies, policies and standards.

People using this Playbook will have varying information needs and be at different stages of planning and delivering smart places. In addition, smart place initiatives vary widely in scale and nature.

This Playbook aims to empower you, regardless of your project or experience to:

  • Set your organisation up for success with the right policies
  • Involve the community in the identification of problems and opportunities and the design of solutions
  • Work out the needs and ambitions of your place with people who will visit, live, work and invest there (customers and stakeholders) and match smart solutions to achieve great outcomes
  • Have informed conversations with relevant experts
  • Make a case for smart places
  • Procure and deliver smart solutions in a place-based way
  • Operate and maintain your new assets.


Using the Playbook

What the playbook is, who it is for, and how it works.

Involving your community

How community engagement can improve your chances of success

Foundations first

Having the right policies and skills in place to support your smart places journey.


Starting with a focus on the place and its people, the opportunities and problems to solve.


Exploring the market, identifying potential solutions and setting out plans for delivery.


Bring your solutions to life through funding, approvals, and project delivery.

Manage and review

Maintaining your assets and realising the benefits of your smart place.

Case studies

We are busy preparing some case studies to support you.

If you have a case study you can share, please email:


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