The State of SmartNSW - insights report

Two years after launching the NSW Smart Places Strategy, NSW Government embarked on a listening roadshow. This was to understand current uptake patterns for smart technology solutions, explore barriers to adoption and map out acceleration opportunities.

The insights generated are summarised in the State of SmartNSW - Insights Report

State of SmartNSW - Insights Report

The listening roadshow was kick-started with a desktop assessment of global trends and factors influencing technology and digital uptake and an appraisal of the current and desired future state.

We then met with over 350 stakeholders, hosting workshops, interviews and roundtable discussions between February and May 2022. This included researchers and academics, place leaders, technology industries, the connectivity industry, consultants, local councils and other government agencies.

We asked our stakeholders three things:

  • Where are we now?
  • What are the opportunities?
  • What action is needed, and who needs to be involved?

The listening roadshow generated deep insights, which are summarised in this State of SmartNSW -  Insights Report and were used to develop the SmartNSW Roadmap 2022–2027 (PDF, 1.49 MB).

We heard there is a strong desire for the NSW Government to be an active partner in solving problems for customers using new technologies and data solutions. Our stakeholders see the State’s role as critical in achieving scale, consistency that transcends local boundaries, efficiencies, and realising the value of data at local, regional and state levels.

Stakeholders want fast action, to build on the momentum of the first two years of delivery and capitalise on the digital revolution underway.

Big, bold steps are needed in the coming years to move from an era of seed to scale; where the benefits of smart technology and data solutions move from novel to mainstream.