Brush up on the road rules and keep safe


Do you know how far you can travel in a bus lane in your vehicle if you’re turning? Or who gives way first at different types of intersections? How about who gives way at a roundabout? 

Road Rules Awareness Week - 26 February to 4 March – is the perfect time to clarify the answers to these and other road rule questions. The initiative, which is hosted by the Centre for Road Safety, Transport for NSW, and supported by partners including Roads and Maritime Services, NSW Police, the education sectors and Service NSW, aims to improve the community’s knowledge of the road rules including some of the most commonly misunderstood rules.

Last year 392 people lost their lives in crashes on NSW roads and every 41 minutes someone is either killed or seriously injured. Human error is a large factor in crashes so it’s important that all road users know and understand the rules, obey the signs and remain vigilant when on the road. 
Simple animations and other content to help clarify certain road rules will be posted on the NSW Road Safety Facebook page during the week.

You can also have your road-rule related questions answered in real time by joining a Facebook Live session with Bernard Carlon, Executive Director, Centres for Road Safety and Maritime Safety, on Thursday 1 March at 5:30pm via the NSW Road Safety Facebook page.