ASA Presentation to RTSA's Conference on Railway Excellence 2016

On Tuesday 17 May and Wednesday 18 May, the ASA presented at CORE 2016.

• Graham Bradshaw, Director, Network Standards and Services (ASA) and Jesse Baker, Manager, Safety and Risk, Rail Industry Safety and Standards Board (RISSB) presented on Doing Standards Smarter: The Power of Collaboration.

• Kenelm Wong, Senior Engineer Rolling Stock Mechanical Systems, Gareth Hughes, Manager, Human Factors and Airdrie Long, Senior Human Factors Specialist, presented on Train Safety in NSW: The Future and an Integrated Engineering, Risk and Human Factors Approach.

• Dave Nolan, Principal Engineer Signalling Systems, presented on Mega Watts - Milli Amps - The contrasting worlds of Traction and Signal engineers.
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