Signals & Control Systems Technical Forum

On Thursday 30 August, the Asset Standards Authority (ASA) held a Signals & Control Systems technical forum that brought together representatives from industry and the cluster to discuss the application and benefits of the Transport for NSW (TfNSW) rail systems strategy, and future technology in the short to medium term for signals and control systems.

The forum hosted questions on implementations of some aspects of the TfNSW Future Transport Strategy 2056:
• Related Signalling and Control Systems standards updates, including Axle Counters and ATP related updates
• Rail Operations Centre (ROC)
• Cyber security
• Digital Systems Project

The attendees also covered the implications of future technology across key areas of signalling and control system development and delivery including:
• Network automation – TMS
• Cyber security
• Axle counters
• ETCS Lv2, Lv3, ATO
• Communications Technologies

Technical forums such as these are just one of the channels through which the ASA engages with industry and the cluster. As with all ASA Technical Forums & Seminars, attendees who participate earn continuing professional development (CPD) points from Engineers Australia as part of the TfNSW’s / Engineers Australia principal partnership agreement.
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