23 October 2019 - Protecting the endangered Macquarie Perch


23 October 2019

The large working platforms at the Charleyong Bridge project have been removed from the riverbed for the Macquarie perch spawning season.

A Transport for NSW spokesperson said the project team had worked hard to complete the girder installation by early September, prior to removal of the platforms.

"This project is of vital importance to motorists and residents but we have to be mindful of the natural environment as well as the built environment," the spokesperson said.

"It was an important element of the project to ensure impacts on the endangered Macquarie Perch were minimised throughout the project, and especially during their spawning season, which runs from October to December.

"Significant planning was undertaken and progress was tracked carefully to ensure this stage of the project would be completed and the platforms and scaffolding were removed before the spawning season started."

Macquarie Perch can live for up to 17 years, and females produce up to 100,000 eggs each spawning season which settle among stones and gravel of the stream or river bed.

Bridge work will continue during this time and rigorous sediment controls will be in place, with bridge deck pours continuing until mid-November, weather permitting.

Transport for NSW will continue to liaise with a wide range of government agencies, including the Department of Primary Industries to ensure the habitat is maintained.

The new bridge and road approaches are on track to open to traffic by mid-2020.