Bega Valley gets on board with real-time tracking


The Bega Valley will be one of the first regional areas in the State where customers can track the arrival of their bus and get an indication of available seating in real time.

Minister for Regional Transport and Roads Paul Toole said the technology, rolling out on about 50 buses across the region as part of the first phase of the Transport Connected Bus Program, will allow customers to track the location of a bus, its estimated arrival at a stop, and how full the bus is.

“The Bega Valley is one of three regional areas leading the charge on real-time tracking. It will allow customers to see exactly when their bus will be arriving, which means less time waiting at the stop and more time at your destination,” Mr Toole said.

“The launch of this technology is a huge step forward for people travelling in regional areas. It shows our ongoing commitment to make public transport a first choice in regional parts of the state.”

Member for Bega Andrew Constance said Transport for NSW has partnered with CONSAT Telematics, a global leader in public transport telematics solutions, to deliver the vehicle tracking technology in collaboration with regional bus operators.

“This is about giving customers in the regions greater ability to plan their journeys and make it easier to get from A to B," Mr Constance said.

Sapphire Coast Buslines Asset Manager Anton Klemm said local operators would also benefit from the program with the new technology providing insights into the community’s travel patterns and ways to improve the current bus network.

“This technology will change the way people move around region and help us to determine where there is demand for particular routes and provide the community with services which are beneficial to them,” Mr Klemm said.

Four different operators will provide approximately 70 service routes across the Bega Valley, which will be tracked through the TCB Program. The rollout of the first phase of the technology is nearing completion and will launch to customers by the end of July.

Customers travelling in regional NSW will be able to view reliable timetable information and real-time updates using the Transport for NSW Trip Planner tool at and other transport apps.