Bikes on Buses Trial on Hold


Transport for NSW’s Bikes on Buses in the Bush trial in Wagga Wagga is on hold because of concerns arising from an independent risk assessment.

Transport for NSW announced the trial earlier this year, which would have seen bike racks fitted onto buses on select Wagga Wagga routes, allowing the community to combine a bike ride with a bus trip.

“While the community and bus operator were very supportive of the trial, we are working through issues identified in the May 2021 assessment,” Sam Knight, Regional Director South, Transport for NSW said.

“Unfortunately, the issues raised about bus stop lengths and vehicle sizes need further investigation before we can continue the trial in Wagga Wagga.”

When the trial was announced, more than 400 people responded to the survey, with 100 participants registering to take part in the on-road trial.

Transport is continuing to explore future transport options for regional NSW to boost access and connectivity between different modes of transport.

“While the trial is on hold in Wagga Wagga for the time being, we are looking forward to introducing Bikes on Buses in the Bush and other innovative transport ideas in the future to help the city’s transport system become more sustainable into the future,” Ms Knight said.

“We are committed to working with Wagga Wagga City Council and local operators to ensure residents have access to a quality public transport system that meets their needs now and into the future.”

Transport thanks everyone who offered feedback or registered to take part in the trial. We will contact the community again when more information is available.

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