Bus Safety Week reminds all road users to Be Bus Aware


The NSW Government has released confronting CCTV footage of pedestrians being struck by buses and is urging everyone to stay alert on and around buses as Bus Safety Week kicked off for a fifth consecutive year on Monday.

With almost 4,000 buses operating in the Sydney metropolitan area and another 4,000 on our regional and country roads, Bus Safety Week aims to improve the safety of pedestrians, riders, passengers and drivers, helping to reduce injuries and lives lost on NSW roads.

Executive Director of the Centre for Road Safety Bernard Carlon said in the five years to June 2019, 35 people were killed and 394 seriously injured in bus crashes across the State.

“Of the 35 people killed 14 were pedestrians, our most vulnerable road users. Eleven were drivers, seven were passengers and three were motorcyclists,” Mr Carlon said.

Most fatalities and serious injuries occurred in metropolitan areas where pedestrians make up half of all lives lost in bus crashes.

Bus Safety Week runs from 24 February to Sunday 1 March to raise awareness for all road users on how to stay safe.

“This week is a reminder for pedestrians to find a safe place to cross the road, avoid walking in front of or behind a bus, obey traffic signals and don’t get distracted by your mobile phone,” Mr Carlon said.

State Transit CEO Tony Eid said any incident with a pedestrian takes a toll on a bus driver. 

“Buses are big, heavy vehicles that can’t stop quickly so it’s vital that other road users keep a safe distance,” Mr Eid said.

“Our bus drivers have to contend with a lot out on Sydney’s roads, including split second decisions by vulnerable road users like pedestrians that are outside of their control.

“This can have an impact on bus passengers who get thrown around if the driver has to brake suddenly, so we need our customers to also take care inside the bus and hold on until the bus stops before getting up.

“If you’re driving don’t cut in front of a bus, and if you’re on foot don’t run in front or behind one either because taking that risk could be life changing for everyone involved.”

To follow the week visit NSW Road Safety on Facebook www.facebook.com/nswroadsafety or the Be Bus Aware website www.bebusaware.com.au.