Campaign reveals the consequences of not wearing a lifejacket


Parliamentary Secretary for Roads John Sidoti today launched the NSW Government’s newest boating safety advertising campaign in the lead up to this year’s boating season.

“The “hard-hitting” and confronting advertising campaign has been created to highlight the consequences of making the wrong choices when going out on the water without wearing
a lifejacket,” Mr Sidoti said.

“Last year we saw 15 recreational boating deaths in NSW – a tragic number, which in some cases could have been avoided with a lifejacket.

“Back in the 1970s, the fatality rate on NSW waterways was around 20 annually.

“Since then, even though the number of boats registered has more than trebled, the fatality rate has dropped to around 15 annually – we’re boating more, we’re boating better,
but there is more work to be done.

“Our earlier campaigns have made a huge difference with lifejacket wear increasing from nine to 41 per cent in the past eight years – we’re hoping fatality statistics will also fall after this campaign is aired.

“We want to encourage every middle aged man not to forget his lifejacket when he goes out on his dinghy – because it could save his life.

“Sadly middle aged men in small fishing boats are overrepresented in these fatalities – with no lifejackets on. We want this to stop and that is why this campaign is specifically aimed at this demographic.

“We’re also starting the first statewide boating education and compliance campaign of the boating season to remind people out on the water that there are heavy penalties for 
not wearing a lifejacket.

“The 2015-16 boating season starts on the long weekend so to help prepare boaters we have just held Boating Safety Day across the state at a number of locations over the weekend,” Mr Sidoti said.