Community Road Safety Grants on offer to NSW groups


Local communities are being encouraged to be proactive about road safety by applying for a Community Road Safety Grant, with the deadline for applications extended until Sunday 22 September.

Bernard Carlon, Executive Director of the Centre for Road Safety said community groups play a critical role at the grassroots level in making our roads safer because local people know local issues.

“This program aims to bring people with a passion and commitment for road safety together to support their ideas to ultimately lower the NSW road toll,” Mr Carlon said.

“We want to help community organisations to work within their local communities on initiatives that keep us all safe on the road.

“Last year 347 people lost their lives on our roads and more than 10,000 people were seriously injured,”Mr Carlon added.

“These figures are not just numbers, they are members of a community – mums, dads, sisters, brothers, friends, someone’s loved one - we want to do all we possibly can to lower the road toll around the state so that no one has to go through the pain of losing someone they love.

“I encourage all community groups to put forward ideas to help support their local effort in bringing the road toll Towards Zero,” Mr Carlon said.

Two categories of grants are available: one for smaller projects with up to $5,000 available for each idea and another for more substantial projects, worth up to $30,000.

Transport for NSW is awarding up to $2 million in grants over five years through the program using a competitive process.

Community-based organisations can get more information and submit their application by visiting: