Dangerous driving given the red light in Lane Cove


Road Safety in Lane Cove will receive a welcome boost with the installation of a new red-light speed camera at the intersection of Figtree Street and Centennial Avenue.

Executive Director of the Centre for Road Safety Bernard Carlon said the new camera will begin operating on Friday 27 September to improve safety for all road users.

“We know that running red lights can lead to serious T-bone crashes or vehicles crashing into pedestrians,” Mr Carlon said.

“Around 60 per cent of red-light speed camera offences are from people running red lights so we know that we’re addressing this problem head-on.”

In the five years from 2013 to 2017, 11 crashes occurred at this intersection resulting in two fatalities and six people injured, one of them seriously.

“The new camera will help to improve road safety at this busy intersection where there are many surrounding homes and community facilities and it is busy with traffic and pedestrians,” Mr Carlon said. 

“The most recently published NSW speed camera review found fatal and serious injury crashes fell by more than a third at red-light speed camera locations, and pedestrian casualties fell by nearly half.”

The new camera will operate in warning mode for one month during which time drivers caught speeding or running red lights will be sent a warning letter to encourage them to change their behaviour. Fines and demerit points will be sent to offending drivers at the end of this period.

Fines from red-light speed cameras go directly into the Community Road Safety Fund to deliver targeted road safety initiatives in NSW.

To sign up for alerts to changes in camera locations, visit www.saferroadsnsw.com.au