Extra Morning Peak Service for Popular T5 Cumberland Line


From next January, south-west train customers will benefit from a new direct morning peak service from Leppington to Schofields via Parramatta, boosting capacity and making journeys more comfortable on the popular T5 Cumberland Line.

Minister for Transport Andrew Constance said demand for T5 Cumberland Line services has surged, with 30 per cent more south-west customers catching trains towards Parramatta this year.

“By boosting capacity on an increasingly busy part of the network, customers across the south-west region including Glenfield, Liverpool and Cabramatta will enjoy a more comfortable and convenient morning commute,” Mr Constance said.

“Customers from the T8 South Line between Macarthur and Macquarie Fields will also benefit from the new service as it provides an extra connection at Glenfield to T5 services headed towards Parramatta and further west.”

The T5 Cumberland Line has become more popular since it was extended to start at Leppington in November 2017.

“With modern air-conditioned trains, direct links from Leppington to Parramatta and Blacktown, as well as late night and weekend services, demand on this part of the network continues to grow. That’s why we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to do everything we can to improve your daily commute.”

The new direct all-stops morning peak service departs Leppington at 7.07am, arriving at key stations such as Parramatta at 7.49am, Blacktown at 8.07am and Schofields at 8.17am.

The existing 7.21am all stops Leppington to Schofields service will instead depart at 7.37am, arriving at key stations such as Parramatta at 8.19am, Blacktown at 8.37am and Schofields at 8.47am.

“By giving customers an extra direct morning peak train and adjusting other services, the gap between trains will reduce to every 30 minutes during the peak period, and in some cases, the wait will be just 16 minutes,” Mr Constance said.

These improvements will take effect from Monday 6 January.