Former Olympian Nicole Livingstone supports life jacket safety


Transport for NSW Maritime Management Centre today announced a partnership with former Olympic swimmer, Nicole Livingstone to support a state-wide water safety campaign.

Nicole Livingstone and the NSW Police Marine Area Command have joined forces with the Maritime Management Centre to showcase the latest styles in lifejacket styles ranging from belt bags to ultra slimline models that suit a range of activities and everybody.

16 lives have been lost in boating accidents since 1 July 2014 in NSW which is an increase on last year.

Maritime Management Centre’s General Manager, Howard Glenn said analysis of boating incident data reveals that wearing a lifejacket helps save lives.

“Boating is a relatively safe activity but accidents can and do happen. It’s important for people to know that many of these fatalities are preventable.

“Our review of boating fatalities reveals a mix of contributing factors, but so many instances where wearing a lifejacket would make all the difference.

“Nine out of 10 people who drown when boating didn’t wear a lifejacket.”

“Nicole Livingstone is one of our best and strongest swimmers, but even she knows how important it is to wear a lifejacket to stay safe on the water”, Mr Glenn said.

“I have spent most of my life in and around the water in Australia and wearing a lifejacket never ruined my day out on a boat”, Ms Livingstone said.

Commander Mark Hutchings of NSW Police Marine Area Command said wearing a lifejacket also buys time should trouble strike by helping people keep afloat, giving rescue teams a chance to arrive.

The Maritime Management Centre will also take its popular Old4New van to the forthcoming Sydney Trailer Boat Show at Sydney Olympic Park on March 7 and 8 to showcase new lifejacket designs and show that the image of the bulky old fashioned lifejacket is out of date.

The Old4New team will be doing practical demonstrations, providing information and showing how to care for modern lifejackets at the Sydney Trailer Boat Show.