Gol Gol crossing supervisor puts safety in focus


Safety for students at Gol Gol Public School will be strengthened with a new school crossing supervisor to soon be appointed.

Minister for Regional Transport and Roads Paul Toole said Gol Gol Public School would be the 169th location across the state to welcome a new school crossing supervisor as part of the NSW Government’s plan to fast-track 300 new school crossing supervisors within three years.                                

“The new crossing supervisor will help children to use the crossing on Adelaide Street as they walk to and from school, and will be the first supervisor at this school,” Mr Toole said.

“We know that this community has been really keen to see a school crossing supervisor but, before we can put one in, we need to make some changes to the surrounding roads to make it safe. We have a plan for those works now, and they’ll be happening soon.” 

“We have committed $18.5 million to appoint an extra 300 school crossing supervisors which is benefitting schools right across the State.”

At Gol Gol Public School, a new 40km/h sign will be installed in Adelaide Street, and changes will be made to improve safety around John Street to the south of Adelaide Street, which is necessary to ensure the safety of students and the supervisor.

Member of the Legislative Council Wes Fang said recruitment for the new school crossing supervisor would begin soon.

“I strongly encourage dedicated people interested in serving their community to keep an eye out for the job ads,” Mr Fang said.

“Children’s safety is a key priority and school crossing supervisors are just one part of a suite of measures to keep kids safe. We also provide reduced speed limits, high-visibility signs, ‘dragon teeth’ road markings and flashing lights in NSW school zones.”

For more information about the School Crossing Supervisor program and details of the other 168 locations already announced please visit: roadsafety.transport.nsw.gov.au/stayingsafe/schools/schoolcrossingsupervisorprogram.html