Innovation Challenge to boost women's safety on public transport


Transport for NSW has called on start-ups and businesses to take part in a new innovation challenge to explore how technology can be used to help women feel safer on public transport.

“Safety of our customers and communities is paramount and we want to look at everything we can do to increase our measures of protection on public transport and across our state,” a TfNSW spokesperson said.

“This new innovation challenge is one of a variety of solutions we’re looking into to help women feel safer on public transport as part of our Future Transport program.”

The announcement was made during the Women and Safety in the City Symposium in collaborationwith Chief Commissioner Lucy Turnbull AO and the Greater Sydney Commission.

The symposium brings together representatives from across government, business community and the not-for-profit sector to discuss ways of making Greater Sydney a city where women and girls can feel safe.

“This is another great example of government coming together with industry and other partners to solve complex issues for improved community safety,” a TfNSW spokesperson said.

“We’ve already increased the number of CCTV cameras, with over 10,000 across the train network and more than 30,000 on buses across the state. There are emergency help points on every train and platform and staff are trained to support anyone who may feel threatened.”

“There is a lot more work to do and we want to find new innovative ways to ensure every woman feels protected moving around our state, no matter what time of day.”

Transport for NSW will continue to work closely with Committee for Sydney, advocacy groups and women who have experienced safety issues ahead of launching the challenge on International Women’s Day.

Contact the Transport Digital Accelerator to get involved.