Key improvements along Great Western Highway at Glenbrook now complete


21 December 2018

With the concrete laid and shovels put away, motorists can now enjoy a smoother and safer journey along the Great Western Highway through Glenbrook with the important upgrade at the intersection of Ross and Hare streets now complete.

A Roads and Maritime Services spokesperson said the upgrade was carried out as part of the Australian and NSW governments $3.6 billion Western Sydney Infrastructure Plan to improve safety, increase road capacity as well as reduce travel times and congestion in the future.

“Crews worked hard to complete this $5.6 million upgrade which is now improving access and safety along the Great Western Highway which serves as the main route through the Blue Mountains,” the spokesperson said.

“The traffic lights at the intersection of the Great Western Highway and Ross Street were switched on in September so it’s great to see work is now complete on the entire upgrade.

“These lights are now providing motorists and pedestrians with safer access to Glenbrook Village and are aiming to potentially reduce the number of crashes at the intersection.”

The spokesperson said around 15 crew members had worked hard since May this year to deliver the upgrade which was completed just in time for Christmas.

“During the project, around 7000 square metres of asphalt and 800 square metres of concrete were used to deliver the improvements which included extending the existing right turn lanes from the Great Western Highway into Ross and Hare streets as well as building a new bus bay on the southern side of the highway,” the spokesperson said.

“Work was also carried out to adjust the existing traffic lights at the intersection of Great Western Highway and Hare Street as well as build new footpaths for the community.”

The spokesperson said new paths and crossings were also provided for pedestrians to improve safety and accessibility to Glenbrook Village.

“This work is now improving safety and access for local residents, pedestrians, business operators and visitors to the Glenbrook area,” the spokesperson said.

“While motorists can no longer access Hare Street on the southern side of the highway, access has been maintained for emergency services.”

The spokesperson said crews worked a tremendous amount of hours to complete this upgrade which will benefit motorists and the community for years to come.

“The Great Western Highway is an important transport link between Sydney and the central west of NSW so it is important to ensure a safe and reliable road network is provided for local motorists, freight users and tourists,” the spokesperson said.

“The community and motorists are thanked for their patience while work was carried out.”

For more information about road projects being carried out across NSW visit Roads and Maritime.