Lifejacket van visits Bankstown and Canterbury


The mobile Old4New van will be touring Bankstown and Canterbury over the next week as part of a Transport for NSW program to change the perception that lifejackets are cumbersome and get in the way out on the water.

The campaign van will be at the following locations:

  • Mon 7th December 2015, 11:30am - 2:00pm - Bankstown - Bankstown City Plaza, Chapel Road South near corner of Dale Parade.
  • Fri 11th December 2015, 11:30am - 2:00pm - Campsie - Anzac Square, Anglo Road near corner of Beamish Street.

Following on from last year’s successful tour, the van will be back visiting some 175 popular boating hot spots across the state, including many new locations, Transport for NSW maritime spokesperson Neil Patchett said.

"As we head into the warmer months, more people will be out enjoying the sun and water so make sure you and your family have the right lifejackets," Mr Patchett said.

"Modern lifejackets look great, are easy to wear and won’t get in the way of your favourite activity on the water.

"We encourage the boating public to look out for the van and bring along their old lifejackets.

"If you speak to one of the experienced staff they’ll be happy to help you upgrade to a discounted lifejacket that best suits your needs," Mr Patchett said.

At the visits, staff will also be doing practical demos and showing people how to care for modern, inflatable lifejackets.

"Lifejackets over the last few years have really evolved and are more functional and wearable than ever before," Mr Patchett said.

"If you compare the old big and bulky lifejackets with the modern slimline models, you’ll see how much they’ve advanced and how comfortable they are to wear all day during any type of on-water activity.

Mr Patchett said the program was designed to hammer home the importance of wearing a lifejacket at all times which can make all the difference in a boating accident.

"Boating is a relatively safe activity but accidents can and do happen particularly in smaller vessels which are more susceptible to capsize, swamping and falls overboard than larger vessels.

"Over the past decade nine out of 10 people who drowned while boating weren’t wearing a lifejacket.

"Even if you’re a strong swimmer, if you’re in a craft under 4.8m at night, offshore, on alpine waters, or have children under the age of 12 years, you need to all be wearing a lifejacket.

"Not wearing a lifejacket can have serious consequences and with the new convenient, inflatable models that can be self-serviced there’s no excuse not to have one on," Mr Patchett said. "Wear a lifejacket … don’t risk your life."

Last season, the Transport for NSW Old4New lifejacket van visited over 90 locations, spoke to thousands of people and exchanged more than 2500 lifejackets.

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