MotoCAP - a world first safety rating system for motorcycle clothing developed by a team of road safety partners in Australia and led by Transport for NSW – has won the prestigious Road Safety Award at the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM) awards event in Monaco overnight.

Bernard Carlon, Executive Director the Centre for Road Safety said the award was well deserved and showed Australia is leading the way in road safety both here and overseas.

“The NSW Government is committed to lowering the road toll in innovative ways and the development of pioneering programs such as MotoCAP shows Australia really is looking to the future of road safety.

“MotoCAP provides the motorcycle community with more information when making choices about what they wear while riding by giving clothing two separate star ratings – one for protection and one for thermal comfort,” Mr Carlon said.

Motorcycle safety is particularly challenging from a road safety point of view, with riders having very little protection other than their helmet and their clothing when involved in a crash.

“Every year around 61 motorcyclists die on NSW roads, while around 800 motorcyclists who are hospitalised suffer abrasion injuries that require treatment,” Mr Carlon said.

“This is why Transport for NSW’s Centre for Road Safety joined together with State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA), Insurance Australia Group (IAG) and the Australian Motorcycle Council (AMC) as well as other stake holders around Australia and New Zealand, to develop the MotoCAP ratings system.

“The winning of this prestigious award is a real demonstration of how far reaching the work the Centre for Road Safety and its partners are doing is, I congratulate all of the people who worked together to develop this ground breaking system- the rest of the world are taking notice and following our lead,” Mr Carlon said. 

Transport for NSW will provide guidance to agencies around the world interested in the program.

MotoCAP has so far rated 43 pairs of pants, 82 jackets and 46 pairs of gloves, providing riders with information about their choice of protective gear.

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