Narellan Road to grow local with re-planting of native trees


Transport for NSW has worked in close collaboration with road maintenance contractor Ventia, Mount Annan Botanic Gardens and Greater Sydney Landcare to re-vegetate land along Narellan Road near Remembrance Drive Mount Annan with native flora.

The site had become degraded over time with invasive species beginning to take over the area.

Managing the more than eight-hectare site for Transport for NSW (Transport), Ventia and Greater Sydney Landcare have removed thousands of African Olive trees to repopulate a third of a hectare with natives.

The African Olives are considered an invasive species with thick leaf coverage effectively suffocating other plants trying to grow underneath.

By removing the olive trees, a range of native trees, shrubs and grasses being provided by Landcare will once again be encouraged to grow at the site.

Workers will be at the site repopulating the area over two days with plantings to range from seedlings to more established trees and shrubs.

Once planted, we will monitor progress to help ensure the flora is able to flourish.