New Penalties to Address Bike Dumping

A new enforceable code of conduct for bike share operators will make the management of share bikes better for councils.

The NSW Government will give Councils enhanced powers to deal with dumped share bikes through an enforceable code of practice under legislation to lift the performance of bike share operators, a Transport for NSW Spokesperson announced today.

“We are going to set up an enforceable code of practice for scheme operators and council rangers will have the powers to penalise operators who don’t stick to the code,” the Spokesperson said.

“Dockless bike share accounts for more than 6,500 active transport trips per day across Sydney alone. Given this success, we want to encourage operators to keep offering  this low impact and affordable service, but not at the expense of clogging the city with broken and unusable bikes that block access,” the Spokesperson continued.

In responding to community concern over share bike dumping, the NSW Government will increase the powers of councils to manage the impacts of dockless bikes.

The code of practice will set minimum standards for operators of dockless bike share schemes, including safety standards, appropriate bike parking, user education, data sharing and service levels for reporting and responding to complaints.

It will also force operators and users to use designated parking areas where they are provided, helping to address issues of bike build ups at the bottom of hills and major events.

Riders too, are required to park share bikes responsibly.

“Riders who park bikes irresponsibly, or flout the rules, could be fined even under existing rules,” the Spokesperson said.

“This is about using common sense. While we encourage riders to use and enjoy share bikes, we urge everybody to be responsible.”

The new code of practice will build on existing council guidelines.  The Government will consult with councils, share bike operators and other key stakeholders in developing the code which Parliament will consider later this year.

The provision of safe and connected bicycle networks within ten kilometres of city centres is a key deliverable of the Draft Greater Sydney Services and Infrastructure Plan. Future Transport 2056 emphasises the importance of active transport in achieving the 30 Minute City vision for Greater Sydney and this project helps support that objective.