NSW Government and Boating Industry Association working together for the safety of NSW boaties


A great day on the water is a safe day and this will be the emphasis of a safety partnership between the Boating Industry Association (BIA) and Transport for NSW at the Sydney Trailer Boat Show.

Trailer boats are the most popular type of vessel countrywide and for good reason; they are more affordable and provide more options than larger craft to enjoy a range of waterways.

BIA President Alan Blake said some 2 million people enjoy boating each year in NSW and a good number of them do it in smaller vessels, in trailer boats.

“For the typical family that wants to get into boating, the trailer boat is by far and away the most common why to start and with good reason; they are cheaper to buy, fitout, maintain and store.

“The Sydney Trailer Boat Show is a great place to find out all there is to know about the most popular type of vessel for people across Australia, Mr Blake said.

Maritime Management Centre General Manager, Howard Glenn said there are almost 250,000 registered vessels in the State and the vast majority are runabouts.

“Boating is a relatively safe activity but accidents can and do happen, and boats under 4.8m are more susceptible to capsize, swamping and falls overboard than larger craft.

“The reality is accidents can and do happen. There is way however, to help make every day out in a small boat a great day and that is to wear a lifejacket,” Mr Glenn said.

The partnership between the BIA and Transport for NSW will see the popular Old4New mobile lifejacket van featured at the show and retailers will be helping in the promotion of modern, comfortable and convenient lifejackets.

“This event partnership with the BIA will help break down the perception that lifejackets are big, bulky and uncomfortable. Evolution in form and function, means there is a modern lifejacket for everybody that can be worn in comfort for the duration of a typical day out in a boat,” Mr Glenn said.

The Old4New van will be on the Roads and Maritime Services stand where people will be able to ask about modern lifejackets. The Old4New van will not be conduction exchanges at the show but there will be prizes and demonstrations of inflatable lifejackets including care, maintenance and service.

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