Pennant Hills Road truck and bus enforcement starts Monday


Trucks and buses regulations on Pennant Hills Road will be enforced from Monday as NorthConnex continues to deliver safer and more reliable trips between the M1 and M2 motorways.

Transport for NSW Acting Deputy Secretary Greater Sydney Howard Collins said NorthConnex has provided a safe and efficient freight route, while returning Pennant Hills Road to local communities and cutting travel time by up to 15 minutes.

“We are seeing more than 6,000 trucks utilising the new tunnel per day, reducing congestion on Pennant Hills Road and noise for local residents and businesses,” Mr Collins said.

“The majority of trucks and buses are doing the right thing, with only around 80 trucks a day on average still taking Pennant Hills Road, compared with more than 6,000 trucks that are using the tunnel.”

Mr Collins said Transport for NSW had been working with the freight industry to make them aware of the changes ahead of the enforcement commencing on Monday.

“We understand that it can take time to adjust to major changed traffic conditions, so a temporary grace period on issuing penalties has been in place for trucks and buses, with warning letters issued, since the opening of NorthConnex,” Mr Collins said

“Our plan was always to start the fines in March to allow the cameras and traffic flows to be adjusted on opening of NorthConnex, for better monitoring of truck movements. 

“We’re reminding truck and bus operators to take the tunnel as the fines start Monday.”

Trucks and buses over the length of 12.5m or over the height of 2.8m, travelling between the M1 and M2, are required to use NorthConnex, unless they have a genuine pick up or delivery destination only accessible via Pennant Hills Road, are carrying a placard Dangerous Goods load or are a restricted access vehicle required to use Pennant Hills Road.

Signage and cameras on the Pennant Hills Road overhead gantries and signage on connecting major roads are in place, and for breaches, fines of $194 with no loss of demerit points apply.

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