Point to Point reforms deliver wins for regional NSW


Minister for Transport and Infrastructure Andrew Constance today released a package of landmark reforms to reshape the taxi and hire car industry, and ensure regional communities benefit from the opportunities of the new transport economy.

Today’s reforms are part of the NSW Government’s response to the Sturgess Point to Point Transport Report, which handed down its findings last month following more than 5,000 submissions from industry and the public. 

Mr Constance said taxis provide essential transport services in rural and regional NSW and it was critical that regional areas gain from today’s decision.

“Every town and regional centre has demand for services like taxis, hire cars and community transport operators, so ensuring their survival is essential,” Mr Constance said.

The reforms consist of three main components for regional areas:

  • The immediate repeal of more than 50 taxi and hire car regulations
  • The requirement for booked services to only operate in a particular town or region has been removed, allowing more services in high demand times and at major regional events
  • The introduction of annual licenses outside of Sydney, making it easier for customers in country towns to get a taxi when they want one

“All up the reform package cuts the regulatory cost to industry by $30 million each year.

“For the first time aspiring small business operators will be able to use their own private vehicle to enter the new transport economy and cater to local demand – providing they comply with the safety regulations we’ve enacted today.”

Mr Constance said in recognition of the potential impact these changes will have on existing taxi and hire car licence holders, the NSW Government has set aside a $250 million adjustment assistance fund to help licence owners adjust to the new regulatory framework.

“It’s important that we don’t forget those who have poured their savings into taxi licences over the past decades and ensure they get equitable assistance as this industry changes our economy,” Mr Constance said.

The cost of this assistance will be recovered through a levy on all point to point transport providers, equivalent to $1 per trip for a maximum of 5 years. It will be up to service providers to decide whether or not they choose to pass on this cost to their customers.

For more information go to www.transport.nsw.gov.au/pointtopoint