Safety measures in place for M5 East tunnel


Speeding heavy vehicle drivers will be caught out in the M5 East tunnel with average speed cameras operating in warning mode from today to improve safety.

The average speed cameras, which measure the speed of heavy vehicles and trailers with a Gross Vehicle Mass greater than 4.5 tonnes, will complement the use of fixed speed cameras that already operate in the tunnels.

“Speed cameras will operate in the M5 East tunnel to maintain safety for all road users as police enforcement is difficult in these locations and the result of a crash in tunnels is likely to be severe,” said Transport for NSW Deputy Secretary for Safety, Environment and Regulation Tara McCarthy.

“Speeding is the largest contributor to crashes on NSW roads and the consequences of a crash involving a speeding heavy vehicle will be much more serious because of their size and weight.”

Average speed cameras are being installed in motorways and tunnels in and around Sydney in response to the increase in heavy vehicle movements through the city.

“Average speed cameras enforce heavy vehicle speeding and are proven to save lives,” Ms McCarthy said.

“That is why they are being expanded into Sydney as part of the Road Safety Plan 2021 - to reduce fatal and serious injury crashes on NSW roads and help bring the road toll Towards Zero.”

In the 25 regional locations where average speed cameras are currently operating there has been a 44 per cent reduction in deaths from crashes involving heavy vehicles.

Casualty crashes, in which at least one person is killed or injured, involving heavy vehicles in those areas also fell by almost a quarter.

The average speed camera will operate in warning mode for two months from today. During this time drivers caught speeding will receive a warning letter to encourage them to change their behaviour.

Heavy vehicles that are detected speeding, either through the fixed speed cameras or average speed cameras, will only receive one infringement notice.

Fines and demerit points will be sent to offending drivers once the warning letter period has finished.

Fines from speed cameras go directly into the Community Road Safety Fund to deliver targeted road safety initiatives in NSW.

All speed camera locations are published on the Centre for Road Safety website

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