School zones back in force: slow down


Transport for NSW is reminding everyone school zones will be back in force from today as the fourth school term starts across NSW.

“School zones are active on every NSW school day, no matter how many students are attending, so while most children won’t start returning to schools until 18 October as the state begins to reopen, schools remain open for families that need it,” said Tara McCarthy, Deputy Secretary for Safety, Environment and Regulation.

“Children are vulnerable and we need to ensure we do everything possible to keep them safe on the road network.

“Which is why I’m reminding all motorists to slow down to the reduced speed limit, typically 40km/h, when entering a school zone or when you see bus lights flashing.

“At the end of July, we saw the number of people caught speeding in school zones reach more than 150 per cent above the pre-lockdown average.

However in August we have seen people begin to get the message and slow down with offences dropping by 25%.”

“Between 2016 and 2020, two children were killed, 36 were seriously injured and another 75 were injured while walking in active school zones – we need everyone to work together to help keep our kids safe when they’re on the way to or from school,” Ms Mcarthy said

The NSW Government has made sure every school has at least one set of flashing lights, with additional sets also installed outside many schools with multiple busy entrances.

As well an extra $18.5 million has been invested to provide 300 new School Crossing Supervisors offering more protection for children and improved visibility of crossings for motorists.

Motorists who don’t obey the rules are putting lives at risk and face heavy fines and demerit points. Higher fines and demerit points also apply to certain driving and parking offences committed within school zones.