Schools invited to apply for a school crossing supervisor


Schools across NSW are encouraged to apply for a school crossing supervisor in a new round of the Government’s crossing supervisor program.

The NSW Government is currently rolling out 300 additional school crossing supervisors at NSW schools by 2021, as part of a three year $18.5 million initiative to improve road safety for school children.

Executive Director of the Centre for Road Safety Bernard Carlon encouraged all eligible schools to apply now to be considered for a crossing supervisor this year. They must have an existing crossing used by at least 50 children or 300 cars per hour in the morning or afternoon and the site needs to be a safe working environment for a school crossing supervisor.

School principals are encouraged to submit an application form to the School Crossing Program by Thursday 9 April to be considered for this round of the program.

Last year, in the first year of the program, the government announced 80 new supervisors at schools including Middle Harbour Public School, Goulburn Public School and Nowra Public School.

“Every child in NSW should be able to get to and from school safely, no matter where they live,” Mr Carlon said.

“That is why we extended the eligibility criteria to offer more protection for children and improved visibility for motorists.”

Children’s road safety is one focus of working towards zero road trauma in NSW, and the NSW Government has implemented a safe system within NSW school zones.

A 40km/h speed limit applies in school zones, and high visibility safety treatments like signage, road markings and flashing lights are in place. Higher fines and demerit points also apply.

“These treatments have been effective, and school zones are now one of the safest areas of the road network. Child pedestrian casualties in active school zones have fallen from around 50 per year prior to 2001, to around 20 per year in recent years,” Mr Carlon said.

To apply for a school for a school crossing supervisor, please visit: