Share your Plan B for a chance to win a swag during the Tamworth Country Music Festival


Attendees at the 2020 Tamworth Country Music Festival have the chance to win a swag by sharing their Plan B to get home safely after a night out.

Executive Director of the Centre for Road Safety Bernard Carlon said this is the first time the 'What’s Your Plan B?' drink driving campaign is supporting the ‘Win a Swag’ competition at the Tamworth Country Music Festival, which starts on Friday 17 January.

“If you’re going out for a few drinks during the festival, make sure you have a safe way to get home that doesn’t involve getting behind the wheel,” Mr Carlon said.

“Alcohol-related crashes claimed the lives of at least 64 people on NSW roads in 2018, which accounts for 18 per cent of all road fatalities – including 52 lives lost on country roads.

“Every year, more than two-thirds of the lives lost on NSW roads occur in the country and drink driving is one of the biggest contributing factors.”

The 12 participating hotels and clubs will invite patrons to register their Plan B during the festival for the chance to win a swag and help raise awareness about the importance of planning ahead to avoid drinking and driving.

Each of the venues will be giving away a swag that has been sourced from local suppliers.

Mr Carlon said drink driving is one of the three main contributors to fatalities and serious injuries on NSW roads, alongside speed and fatigue.

“Whether it is calling on someone for a lift or rolling out a swag on a mate’s floor, you need to have a Plan B before you go out during the festival,” he said.

“If you have had a lot to drink in one night, you may be over the limit for a large part of the following day so you should avoid driving.

“It’s not worth risking your life or someone else’s, so no matter how short the journey or how well you know the road.”

The 2020 Tamworth Country Music Festival runs until 26 January and winners will be announced at each venue on the last day.

Tamworth Country Music Festival 2020: Win a Swag Participating Venues

  • Imperial Brew House: 181-195 Marius St, Tamworth
  • Tudor Hotel: 327 Peel St Tamworth
  • West Tamworth Leagues: 58 Philip St West Tamworth
  • South Tamworth Bowling Club: 11-23 Margaret Street, Tamworth South
  • North Tamworth Bowling Club: 20-26 Bligh Street, North Tamworth
  • The Tamworth: 147 Marius St, Tamworth
  • The Pub: 99 Gunnedah Rd, Tamworth
  • Southgate Inn: 16a Kent Street Tamworth
  • The Family Hotel: Cnr Bridge & Belmore Street Tamworth
  • Longyard Hotel: The Ringers Road, Tamworth
  • Post Office Hotel: 8 Fitzroy St Tamworth
  • Tamworth Services Club: 199 Marius Street, Tamworth

Details about entering the competition are outlined in