Silver City Highway to be signed, sealed and delivered by the end of 2022


The NSW Government will speed up work on the Silver City Highway with extra crews to deliver a fully sealed highway from Broken Hill to the Queensland border by the end of the year.
Minister for Regional Transport and Roads Sam Farraway said since the sealing project began, 132.6 kilometres of dirt road had been bitumen-sealed on the Silver City Highway with only 20 kilometres left to go.
“The NSW Government is securing a brighter future for regional NSW by building what matters through our $19.4 billion road and transport infrastructure pipeline,” Mr Farraway said. 
“Once the Silver City Highway and Cobb highways are completed, the entire NSW state road network will be sealed.
“This is a major achievement, and massive win for motorists and our freight industry in the Far West who will benefit from smoother, safer and critically, more reliable journeys.
“Last year some unsealed sections of the Silver City were closed or open with very limited capacity for more than 100 days due to wet weather.
“By sealing our road network we are strengthening our supply chain network, reducing wear and tear on vehicles and reducing the need for disruptive closures during flooding events.
“Work will continue on the Cobb Highway until our crews return in January keeping the project on track for its scheduled completion by June 2023.”
The NSW Government has committed $195 million to seal both the Silver City and Cobb highways, the last two unsealed roads on the state’s highway network which connect Far West communities between the Victorian and Queensland borders.
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