Slow down, road workers around


The NSW Government has today released a new TV, radio and social media campaign featuring real-life road workers urging motorists and riders to slow down near worksites and look out for road workers. 

Tara McCarthy, Deputy Secretary of Safety, Environment and Regulation at Transport for NSW said the campaign which was filmed at real worksites would be shown across regional NSW and was also timely with an increase in worksites across NSW as flood recovery work gets underway.

"Given the nature of their job, road workers work close to traffic, making them vulnerable to unsafe motorist behaviour,” Ms McCarthy said.

“Road workers experience close-calls at worksites regularly.

"From 2016 to 2020, there were 39 people injured or killed in road crashes involving road workers in NSW, including two people who died and 37 people who were injured, six of which seriously.

"These workers are people like you and me. They are out working on the roads, helping keep us safe, and we can do the same by slowing down near worksites, looking out for them and obeying signs from traffic controllers." 

Ms McCarthy said 44 per cent of the casualties involving road workers occurred in regional NSW.

"When we come across roadworks in regional NSW, it can sometimes be hard to spot workers on site, and if you don't slow down, it's even more likely that you're not going to see them,” Ms McCarthy said.

"The new Road Worker Safety campaign shows the difference between what a driver can and can't see when travelling at different speeds."

Ms McCarthy said there will be an increase in temporary work sites across NSW due to the recent floods and the NSW Government’s investment in regional road projects.

"As we work to rebuild roads and critical infrastructure damaged by the recent floods, more road workers will be on the roads.

"We all need to do our part to keep our roads safe – slow down, road workers around," Ms McCarthy said. 

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