Tick of approval for transport from customers


Customers using public transport in NSW have provided a vote of confidence in the comfort and cleanliness of services following the release of the latest Transport Customer Satisfaction survey.

Minister for Transport Andrew Constance said there was an increase in overall satisfaction across all of the modes, with Sydney Ferries and Metro achieving a near perfect result with a score of 99 percent.

“Even though there were fewer customers on the network, we wanted to ensure those people who were still relying on public transport, such as frontline workers, would feel safe during the COVID 19 pandemic,” Mr Constance said.

“At the start of the pandemic we made a deliberate decision to maintain our high level of services to ensure essential workers could travel in a COVID safe way. To then enable more people to travel back to jobs we added thousands of extra services, particularly in peak hour, to allow for effective physical distancing. We’ve also deployed more than 1,700 additional cleaners across the network.

“As a result, the overall customer satisfaction, including areas of Timeliness and Comfort and Cleanliness, have increased by 4 percentage points to 94 percent across all modes.”

The Customer Satisfaction Survey, undertaken in November 2020, included the new L2 and L3 light rail routes for the first time.

“The new light rail routes have made an impressive debut, with a satisfaction rating of 96 percent contributing to an overall rating of 96 percent for the entire Sydney Light Rail network,” Mr Constance said.

In other results, Sydney Trains and intercity train services received an overall satisfaction rating of 94 percent, up 4 percentage points from 2019, while private bus operators achieved a rating of 95 percent.

“These are very pleasing results which would not have been possible without all of our frontline workers across the network. They have lived our values and put customers first during a challenging period and we are very appreciative of the work that they do,” Mr Constance said.