Troll models of safety


Transport for NSW has teamed up with Universal Pictures on the upcoming film release Trolls: World Tour to spread awareness about public transport safety.

Transport for NSW Chief Operations Officer, Mr Howard Collins said we engaged the affable Trolls to talk to commuters about the importance of keeping safe on public transport.

“Working with Trolls to deliver our safety messages has provided a creative, powerful and fun avenue to talk to our customers about safety.

“They are identifiable and endearing to most of us, so who better to put at the forefront of our safety messages than these loveable characters,” Mr Collins said.

“Trolls will be reminding commuters to watch their step, to hold on, to keep their heads up, to slow down, and to look out for each other while using public transport.”

Slips, trips and falls contributed to 80 per cent of injuries on Sydney trains in 2019. Of these, 56 per cent were from commuters not watching their feet, 22 per cent were due to people running or rushing, four per cent were from people carrying bags or luggage and one per cent from people distracted from their mobile phone.

Bus related incidents are also of concern.  There was a five per cent increase on State Transit buses in the 2019/2019 financial year compared to the previous year.

While incidents on the light rail are rare, they are still a small number of people who cross the tracks and are distracted by their mobile phones. It’s crucial that people stay off tracks to ensure their own personal safety.

Injuries on ferries are also rare, but there were still 26 reported incidents in 2019 of people not taking care when getting on and off the vessel.

Mr Collins said “Our message to ferry commuters is don’t rush and mind your feet, and for train goers, we are reminding everyone to please slow down and to hold on during their commute.

 If you cross the street, please keep your head up! Looking down at your phone limits what you can see around you, even a bus!

Safety is at the heart of what we do, and this campaign reinforces that priority. We want every journey to be a safe journey for our customers.”

TfNSW hopes Trolls draw customer attention and gently prompts them to think of their safety and others’ safety on their commute.