Weighting for Waratahs helps more customers find a seat


A new graphic will appear on indicator screens at Sydney train stations from today, making it easier for customers to find a seat on approaching services.

The graphic is produced using the carriage capacity indicator, which uses data from weight sensors built into each carriage of a Waratah train to calculate how many customers are on board and where space is available.

Minister for Transport Andrew Constance said customers will be able to view that information on the indicator screens on platforms when a Waratah train is arriving and choose where to stand to board carriages with the most available space.

“The carriage capacity indicator has been available on real-time apps for more than a year and it has proven to be a great way for customers to quickly find out where seats are available on a train,” Mr Constance said.

“These displays will now be available on all stations that are serviced by Waratah trains, including the busy T1 North Shore and Western Lines, and will help customers to board the trains more efficiently.”

The new graphics are part of several changes being introduced at key stations on the network prior to the start of Sydney Metro services on 26 May.

“When Metro opens in a week people are going to have to adjust to a whole new way of getting around Sydney, including transferring onto the existing rail network at Chatswood to get into the city,” Mr Constance said.

“These capacity indicators will help passengers know where to go on the platform to get onto the train quickly and easily.

“This type of technology is used in stations around the world including in Singapore, Tokyo and Hong Kong. Ultimately it’s about using the latest technology to make life easier for our customers.”