Woy Woy intersections upgrades submissions report now online


Motorists are a step closer to faster and safer journeys at Woy Woy, with the release today of a report detailing community feedback on the environmental assessment and concept design for the Blackwall Road intersection upgrades at Allfield and Farnell roads.
A Transport for NSW spokesperson said the NSW Government was providing up to $19 million to improve travel times, reliability and safety for all road users on the Woy Woy Peninsula by upgrading key local intersections.
“The proposed upgrades at Allfield and Farnell roads will improve journey times, reduce traffic congestion and improve road safety,” the spokesperson said.
“Key features of the upgrades include providing traffic lights at Farnell Road, a new shared cycle and pedestrian path along Farnell Road and closing the approach of Allfield Road to Blackwall Road from the east.
“It also features an extended right-turn lane into Allfield Road from Blackwall Road heading north, and the closure of the western approach of Farnell Road to Blackwall Road with a cul-de-sac.”
The spokesperson said an environmental assessment was carried out to identify potential impacts of the proposed intersection upgrades and ways to minimise them.
“The community was invited to provide feedback on the proposal from mid November to Christmas 2021,” the spokesperson said.
“That feedback and the Transport for NSW response has been summarised and published online at nswroads.work/blackwall.
“Subject to funding approval, work is expected to start in late 2023 and take about two years to complete.
“The community will be kept informed as work progresses."