Great Western Highway safety upgrade open to motorists


Transport for NSW are proud to announce that upgrades to the Great Western Highway between Hartley Valley and Forty Bends are now complete, signalling the start of smoother and safer journeys for motorists in the area.

The upgrade, led by Roads and Maritime Services, will provide road users with a better travel experience and improve safety for motorists along a key connection between the Blue Mountains and Lithgow.

The improvement process was no easy feat - with 500,000 tonnes of soil shifted, 5.7 kilometres of safety barriers installed and 10,000 litres of paint used to complete new line markings along the 13 kilometre stretch of road, while creating more than 1300 local jobs in the Blue Mountains and western regions.

The upgrade forms just part of the Australian and NSW governments’ $250 million commitment to upgrade the Great Western Highway to provide safer and more efficient links between Sydney and the central west of NSW.

This means that motorists will benefit from safer roads and intersections, which are easier to navigate in rural areas where local roads meet major routes such as the Great Western Highway.

Local motorists, freight users and tourists should also notice improved traffic flow and travel conditions due to the widening of the existing road to three lanes with the specific purpose of reducing the risk posed by black ice formation.

With thousands of motorists travelling on the Great Western Highway each day, the upgrade was much needed to ensure the safety of all road users.

Work is also moving forward on improvements through Mount Victoria Village with pavement construction, drainage work and the retaining walls all in progress.

You can click find more information about the Great Western Highway upgrade here.