Top public service awards for Transport's finest

Marg Prendergast and Peter Regan receive Public Service Medals for their dedication to the public service.

Two of Transport for NSW Executive Team have been included in this year’s Queen’s Birthday honours list – both receiving a Public Service Medal for outstanding service.

Marg Prendergast, Coordinator General of Transport Coordination and Peter Regan, Deputy Secretary, Finance and Investment Division at Transport for NSW both received Public Service Medals for their dedication to the public service. 

“Marg and Peter are both highly deserving of these awards – throughout their careers they have worked tirelessly to improve the way we deal in the transport business and are the first to challenge the status quo,” said Transport for NSW Secretary, Tim Reardon.

“Marg has taken the lead in communicating openly and honestly with the people of Sydney about the major transformative work happening in and around the CBD – whether it is closing roads, re-directing the way traffic moves through the city for the light rail build, to new ferry infrastructure at Barangaroo – she has proven herself to be worthy of such a massive task. 

“For five years Marg also headed up the NSW Centre for Road Safety, making it her mission to reduce fatalities and injuries on NSW roads.

“Peter – Transport’s numbers man, has challenged the way we looked at doing business with industry and the private sector and has implemented structures and approaches that have proven so effective, they’ve been adopted by Treasuries around the country.

“Peter was also instrumental in ensuring the completion of the Waratah Project, a project with financial difficulties. His advice is sought by both Governments and representatives of industry, national and internationally.

“On a personal level, I admire Marg and Peter so much – they both have incredibly big jobs to do, but even more important than their jobs, are their families, and I know that they make it a priority to work flexibly in order to be there for their kids everyday.

“Marg and Peter are incredibly positive role-models for our staff and also the way people view public servants,” Mr Reardon said.

The Public Service Medal recognises the diligence and dedication of public servants who make significant contributions to society across a variety of fields.

“I am so honoured to receive this award, but it should be shared with my amazing team, that go above and beyond every day to make sure people in Sydney are kept in the know about what work is happening that could impact them,” Ms Prendergast said.  

“I’ve worked in the public service for more than 30 years, and had the opportunity to be exposed to high profile projects, such as coordinating transport operations during the Sydney 2000 Olympics and to projects dear to my heart, such as improving safety for our youngest commuters travelling in prams on the rail system and developing Liverpool and Blacktown railway stations,” Ms Prendergast said.

“Transport for NSW is in a very exciting chapter – we are undertaking the biggest transport infrastructure projects in the history of our country that will significantly change the way people move around the state and in Sydney,” Mr Regan said.  

“It’s an exciting time in Transport. We need to continue to think outside the box, be agile in the way we structure projects and ensure that we maximise both the financial and social value of our assets and investments.

“I love my job and I am very grateful to my team for all their hard work and enthusiasm, and to TfNSW for the flexibility it gives me in how I do my job, which means I can balance my work and time with my family.” Mr Regan said.

Also honoured in the Queen’s birthday awards was recently retired former Director Asset Maintenance, Roads and Maritime Services, Greg Evans. Mr Evans received the award for his outstanding public service, particularly through improvements to employee safety in the roads and maritime sectors in NSW.

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