Changes to fares for taxis, hire cars and rideshare services commencing 1 November 2017


Transport for NSW has announced changes to fares for customers traveling by taxi, hire car and rideshare services that will benefit customers with more flexibility and choice from 1 November 2017.

“We want customers to know that when booking a trip with any point to point transport service, they will receive a fare estimate before their journey begins,” a spokesperson for Transport for NSW said.

This estimate could be based on the rate per distance, rate per time, flat rate, or any combination of these, and also must be in Australian dollars. 

After the passing of the Point to Point Transport (Taxis and Hire Vehicles) Act 2016 in June 2016, Transport for NSW followed with the publication of the Point to Point Transport (Taxis and Hire Vehicles) Regulation 2017 in August. Both pieces of legislation work together to combine the new regulatory framework for the point to point transport industry.

To support the commencement of the new regulatory framework on 1 November 2017, and in an effort to educate NSW customers about the new laws, especially when it comes to fares and safety, Transport for NSW will be running a customer awareness campaign from today.

“It’s important to remember that no booked service can begin without an agreed fare estimate,” the Spokesperson said. Booking service providers also need to provide customers with information that enables the customer to identify the vehicle and the driver.

Also, under the new laws, taxis continue to be the only point to point transport vehicle that can be hailed from the street or caught at a taxi rank, and the government requires that taxis continue to have the necessary safety equipment such as security cameras. A passenger can also not be charged more than the regulated fares set by the NSW Government when catching a taxi from a rank or hailing from the street.

Hire car and rideshare services must be booked in advance of the trip and can’t be hailed in the street or caught at a rank. 

There will also be an extension to the current pre-paid taxi fares arrangement that will allow drivers to ask the customer to pre-pay their fare anywhere in NSW and at any time. Note that the driver is not obligated to take you if you choose not to pre-pay the fare.

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