'Grin and Wear It' for boating safety


Transport for NSW is urging the boating public to “grin and wear it” this Friday 20th May, as part of International Wear Your Lifejacket To Work Day.

Participants will join thousands of people across the globe in raising awareness of safe boating, the range of lifejackets available and the importance of wearing one.

“Fatalities on NSW waterways have halved in the 2015-2016 boating season, however even a single death is one too many,” said Transport for NSW spokesman, Neil Patchett

“90% of boating deaths in NSW could have been prevented if the victim was wearing a lifejacket.” Improved technology and design has led to a range of lifejacket styles that look good, are easy to wear and don’t get in the way of activities.

“We are aiming to show if it’s easy enough to wear a lifejacket to work, then it’s easy enough to wear one on the water – and it might just save your life,” said Mr Patchett.

In 2013, Transport for NSW launched the Old4New lifejacket upgrade program to educate boat and jet ski riders about the range of modern lifejackets on the market.

Since then,15,000 people have benefited from the program by trading in an old lifejacket for a discount on a brand new one.

Wear Your Lifejacket To Work Day was initiated by the U.S. National Safe Boating Council and has since expanded into a further 11 countries including Australia.

Members of the boating public as well as those interested in showing their support for Wear Your Life Jacket To Work Day are encouraged to share photos on social media using the hashtags #grinandwearit and #readysetwearit.

More information about Wear Your Lifejacket To Work Day can be found at: https://www.facebook.com/nswmaritime/ Image removed.

More information about lifejackets available in NSW can be found at: www.lifejacketwearit.com.au Image removed.